Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Little Things She needs launch event

On 26 August 2010, I was invited to the launch party of "The little things she needs" a shoes and accessories store located at B3- ION(beside Uniqlo)

From the press release:
The little things she needs(TLTSN) has 7 stores in Jakarta, Indonesia and have just opened its first flagship store in ION, Singapore (#B3-52 No2, Orchard Turn). TLTSN has another store at Marina Square (#03-216 Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard)

TLTSN is a store filled with fun shoes, bags, belts and accessories. Every little thing a shopaholic fashionista needs and more!

TLTSN was created with fashionista in mind and has the hottet trents nd must-have accessories that will keep you looking chic the whole year round. And just you, TLTSN have different themes every season to keep you looking fresh and hip. From the newest shoe trends to the coolest accessories, TLTSN has it all.

This season, TLTSN focuses on Discoteca with sparkly sequined shoes, shimmering accessories and brightly colored leggings and edgy belts. (My fave!!!)

Next season, TLTSN will bring in safari inspired accessories. The new collection called "Desert Safari" is reminiscent of the exotic beauty of the desert sands, animal prints and natural colors.

Another interesting treat from TLTSN is their Fun Flops! You can personalize your own flip flop to suit your mood! Choose the color of strap and mix it with a base of your own choice to create a your own unique flops.

We were welcome with yummy desserts... I have one of the cupcakes from Awefully Chocalate (Yum! Soft and creamy.. not too sweet!)

The flat shoes are really affordable.. 2 for SD$29.90 (My sister fave kind of shoes)

I'm eyeing this pair of heel.... Nice isn't it? lolx

Check out some of their new collection on the display.. too bad all are in default size(which is 36... too small for me... else can get it straight away)


Create your fun flop for SD$15.90
If your base is in good condition, you can bring them in for a change of new straps (a pair of new straps is SD$2.90)

They are making my flip flop!

I pick a pink and a lime green straps ^__^ with black base.

Pics spam....

Christy and Sara

Playing with their shades...

We don't look as cool as her... "The white head" (lolx)

Price Range:
Shoes :::  SD$19.90 to SD$45.90
Bags :::  SD$29.90 to SD$49.90
Belts ::: SD$18.90
Accessories and Watches ::: SD$12.90 to SD$29.90
Jewelries ::: SD$4.90 to SD$13.90

Check out their website:
Thanks Joyce(sinkin) and TLTSN for the invitation!
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with TLTSN. Fun Flips was given to me.