Saturday, September 04, 2010

Short Review: SANA Natural Resource Loose Powder UV

 SANA Natural Resource Loose Powder UV - A product under the Natural Resource collection (Suitable for sensitive skin)

This is huge... OK.. let compare the size... with MAC blush, NYX lipstick and EDM foundation.

Huge right? It's 15g...  My 5.5g Everyday Minerals foundation.. can last me more then 6mths and this is just a loose powder for setting(it gonna last a super long time!!!
Here some infos on the goodness of this product (range)

Let see some swatches

It doesn't have any pink tone to it.. pretty neutral! (It might be abit pale for darker skintone...)

Tiny Review::
  • Contain Mica but it doesn't look crazy on the face.. it just make your skin look dewy and natural
  • SPF19 PA++
  • Contain Rose water (Light scent.. smell nice)
    (It does feel moisture and abit cooling when I pad this powder on my skin)
  • powder is very fine and smooth
  • Easy to blend
  • Have abit of coverage
  • minimize pores
  • Not cakey
  • Doesn't look cakey or patchy for makeup touch-up also(Amazing... "I like" "I like".. even though I hardly touch up my makeup when I'm outside!:P ). All I do was tissue off the excess sebum on my face and pat the loose powder on! Woola.. Fresh dewy face ^__^
  • Price : SD$29.90
The whole SANA Natural Resource is available at SASA.

The whole skincare review coming up soon...