Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Goodies: ICHIKAMI ++

Few days ago.. I received 2 parcels... it's a good way to wake me up! I'm such a lazy bum :P  (The one on top was from 7belle )

I need to get approval from my custom first before I can open my parcels(lolx)! Peapea ran off when I whip out the camera! Hai~ only buibui still busy sniffing away~ )
The big box was from Eternity Inter-Trade (Singapore) Pte Ltd

ichikami Shampoo - Price: SD$7.90(200ml)
Ichikami Conditional - Price: SD$7.90(200ml)
ichikami Hair mask - Price: SD$14.90 (180g)
Mr and Mrs DAPPY - Not sure about the pricing
Juju Aquamoist Essence - Price: SD$39.80

Check out the full range of ICHIKAMI

The Jumbo size shampoo and conditional - Price SD$16.90 (500m)
Hair Treatment - Price: SD$12.90 (200g)

From the release:
ICHIKAMI Hair care series is formulated with Rice Premium EX(Yusuru essence, oil and protein originated from rice bran), plus 6 kinds of pure Japanese Herbal Essences (Belanmcanda, Camellia, Soapberry, Walnut, Sasanqua, Sakura) to nourish, repair and moisturise your hair. ICHIKAMI shampoo does not contain Silicon. (review coming up soon...)

Mr and Mrs Dappy (Currently available at selected Watsons and ALT @ Hereen)
Check out the video on this products: here
Can't wait to try this.. but right now.. I have some open wounds on my feet (I will try this once it recover!)

Eternity Inter-trade Singapore is a beauty and cosmestic distributor. They import wide range of cosmetics and beauty products from Japan & Korean and distribute them to drugstores such as Watson, Guardian & Sasa.

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