Saturday, September 25, 2010

Givenchy <3 I won the giveaway!

Remember the giveaway I blogged about in August? Well.. it's ok if you don't, becos... ME TOO!!! Totally forgot about it until I saw my name pop up on my fb feeds! lolx..
I won 2nd prize in this Giveaway!

1) Givenchy PRISME LIBRE Loose Powder Quartet Air Sensation #75
2) MakeUpShow Powder / Blush Brush 20P013) MakeUpShow Lip Brush 4L01

The brush was really soft and fluffy!! I wash it 2 nights ago and..
- it does shed abit(not much) just around 4 strands of "hair"(??)
- it bleed also(I see pink foam..lolx), Well, it's expected... cos see how red the brush was!
-Try using the brush for setting powder and I love the point tip, easy to apply powder around the nose area!
- Feel soft on the face too! Some brushes feel so soft and smooth on the back of my hand but pokey the my face :(

The brush come with a brush guard.. it's was so soft and stretchy compare to the stiff and tight brush guards I got from Coastals Scents!

Givenchy PRISME LIBRE Loose Powder Quartet Air Sensation #75
Have use it yet... The 4 shades only one was shimmery(the white one) I love the packaging!(Pretty~)

I forgot to take pics of the lip liner.. but it does look like MAC lip liner! :P
I like the way they pack the goodies.. tight and neat!
Check out their website :
Check out their facebook page