Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Anna Sui launched Forbidden Affair

Recently Anna Sui introduce their latest fragrance Forbidden Affair - A fairytale fantasty!

Forbidden Affair Price list:
Forbidden Affair EDT - Price $63 (30ml)
Forbidden Affair EDP - Price $86 (50ml)
Forbidden Affair EDP - Price $111 (75ml)

Forbidden Affair Body Lotion - Price $40 (200ml)
Forbidden Affair Bath & Shower Gel - Price $38 (200ml)
[[From the Press release:]]  

Romance, intrigue, and lavish surroundings combine to make every girl feel like a princess.  To be pampered and adored. To be fun loving and free-spirited. With the possibility of having a flirtatious, romantic ‘liaison dangereuse’ with her very own Prince Charming.

The design was inspired by the old German fairytale ‘Snow White’ and the design of Baroque and Rococo gardens, as well as Baroque palaces, boudoirs, royal fashion and the lavish palace lifestyle. The design brings us back to the mid-18th century.

The Box is designed like a secret, romantic garden. Where lovers meet at dusk in private behind an ornate palace gate.  They are hiding behind ornamental roses – these roses provide protection, privacy and fill the air with the rich perfume of their flowers.
Did the Prince have to cut his way through rosebushes, climb the gate to reach his Princess lover? Did the Princess sneak out of the palace in secret? Did she have to get past guards and her ever-watching mother?
Here they are enjoying this precious moment of being together, being alone.... unknown to them, they are being watched over by fairytale creatures: Fairies, Birds, Squirrels and Butterflies who, by their silent presence, take part in this moment of romance.  The scene is like something out of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. A moment of frivolity, carelessness, love and happiness.

The bottle reflects the same story: the lovers are seen through a ring of roses – meeting at the other end (back of bottle) of the garden.
The overall shape of the bottle was inspired†by a small dressing room mirror, picking up on the design language of the Baroque. The neck shows an embossed band of little roses and the lid is shaped like a flower bud just about to open.  We are reminded of all the beautiful trinkets a Princess would have in her private Boudoir.

A fantasy of red currant flower and sparkling fruity accords, the fragrance incorporates, for the first time, Cyclodextrin Technology.
This allows the immediate first fresh top note impression to “re-burst” over and over again for an ongoing sparkling fresh fragrance experience!
Top notes of Lemon, Red Currant and Black Currant offer a sensual greeting, as the heart notes melt into Raspberry, Rose Petal Accord and Pomegranate. Tempting, sweet, yet somewhat mysterious, they are not as innocent as they would seem.

At the Base, intriguing Violet, Cedarwood, and Musk notes offer a lingering, seductive base note with a lasting cosmetic softness.
[Wooo... by reading it already smell so good! lolx.. althought I don't apply perfume much.. but I do love pretty bottles/ lemon, raspberry and rose scent.. I can't wait to check out how this new combi smell like... have to drag my sis to check this out when it hit stores.. cos she's a perfume lover!]
Forbidden Affair will be available on 4 October 2010 at leading Department Stores. 

Information extracted from press file(email)