Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Skin79's Diamond Tea party @ Icing Room

Skin79 is going to launch the Diamond I and II collection

313 Icing Room

This party is all about Skin79 Diamond collection (I and II)
Check out the whole range
The yummy Icing room pastry
Kawaii Lorraine (Brand Manager of StarAsia Singapore's) giving a run down of the Diamond's collection
After the brief intro of the Diamond's collection and yummy pastry.
I have the chocalate Puff (My fave!)

We gonna DIY our own cupcake!
(Well.. actually is muffin dressed up as cupcake! lolx)
I name my cupcake "Rainbow Shit"
Group shot of all the cupcakes
And Sara won the best cupcake design!
Doesn't the texture of the icing reminds you of the famous painting
"The scream" by  Edvard Munch (LOVE IT!)

(Grab the top 2 pics from Sara)

OK.. now, Pics time!
(How can I not camwhoring when there's a bunch of gorgeous around?!?!)
June and my "open curtain" bangs(lolx)
With Joyce Sept

Iris and Sharon
With Joyce Lim (Her lens made her eyes pop! So pretty)
With Kawaii Lorraine(Love her smile)
With Sara and Clara
With Christy (She always make smile until "like that" lolx!)

with Sara and Christy

Check out more pics of this party at Skin79 FB fanpage
Skin79 @ Watsons HWB Promotions!

VIP Gold and Hotpink promo pack! SD$58 (save 20%)
Read my review on the VIP hotpink bbcream ->> here <<-

Skin79 Oriental Gold Promotion

Skin79 Oriental Gold was my Fave bbcream so far! Read my review on this bbcream ->> here <<-
If you have combination skin, oily on the T-zone areas/dry patchy cheeks.. I would recommend Oriental Gold BBcream! Better coverage, better oil control and it make my skin look so fresh and supple.

OK.. here's the run down of the Diamond Collection I & II
Contains Diamond Powder, Jewel complex powder of ruby, amethyst, coral and tourmalin and Pearl, combined with skin care properties to create flawless complexion, with whitening and anti-aging properties. As for Collection II- It was an upgraded formula with Flora Bouquet Complex.
This collection is suitable for all skin types.

The Diamond collection I (Pink packaging)
-> Diamond Collection I :: UV Screen Beblesh Pack SPF 22 PA++(S$39.90)
-> Diamond Collection I :: Luminous Pearl Beblesh Balm (S$35.90)
-> Diamond Collection I :: The Prestige Beblesh Balm (S$39.90)
-> Diamond Collection I :: Star Glow Ball Powder (S$39.90)
The Diamond Collection II (Hot pink packaging)
-> Diamond Collection II :: Crystal Pearl BB Cream Lighting-3D (S$42.90)
-> Diamond Collection II :: UV Perfect BB Pact SPF30 PA+++ (S$43.90)
-> Diamond Collection II :: Perfect Cover BB Concealer (S$39.90)
-> Diamond Collection II :: All-Day Sun Powder SPF30 PA++ (S$39.90)
OK.. here are some of the item, I took pics of ( as for the rest can refer to my earlier entry)

All-Day Sun Powder SPF30 PA++

If you are someone who hate using sunblock.. YOu can try the Sun powder!!!
Go on with your normal base makeup/foundation/bbcream and then set it with this sun powder
This powder doesn't have much coverage, but it give you a dewy finishing.
Not sure about the oil control and lasting power (Cos I didn't try this before) 
UV Perfect BB pact SPF30 PA+++
This pressed powder was really soft and fine.
The swatches gave me a feeling that it would be a nice setting powder.
Check it out at Watsons(They have all the testers)
Perfect Cover BB Concealer...creamy....
But, I prefer corrector over concealer for now la(like peach and yellow)
I will give this a try (cos they include this in the goodies bag)

Star Glow Ball Powder
(This was really shimmery... nice to look at, not sure how it will look on my skin)
The white and yellow balls look like a nice brow's highlight shades(lolx)
Check out the swatches and more details ->> here <<-
Check out the products launching Party ->> here <<-
My goodies Bag
Sorry about the yellowish pics.. cos the lighting at 313 Icing room was bright(resulting in clear pics with using flash) but it also very yellowish.
Disclaimer: All mentions of Skin79 was base on my own opinions and experiences.. I am not affiliated by Skin79.
I was provided with a goodies bag to try/review (I did not pay for it)