Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Robin, Niu Er (牛爾) Beauty Talk Workshop by KOSE

Recently, I have been invited along with Clara(dblchin) to be their Guest speakers for the 2days KOSE beauty talk workshop @ Sheraton Towers on 21st(Sat) and 22nd(Sun) August 2010.

Seriously, I have no ideas why they've pick me... [By Luck? Can't find other bloggers that can speak Chinese?] 

Anyway, I agree cos I wanna see Niu Er ^__^ (I've convince myself that I'll deal with the nervous part of being onstage when the time come!!!)  And without failing...it was so nerves wrecking la!!!

I'm not cut to be "talking" onstage la... I'm too too shy!!!!!!! I will just stick to "talking" with my fingers in future from now on!!

"Let the past be in the past"... ("Don't laugh at me.. I'll throw ice at you"!)

OK... Let's begin::
My Journey of funs and nervous experiences as being a guest speaker on a beauty talk workshop!(Well.. I didn't say much though.... :P ) This workshop focus on Whitening, Moisturising, cleansing and a series of facial massages for supple and radiant skin.

Mr Robin Niu (牛爾) : A beauty Guru in Taiwan, has been hailed as the "Beauty Google", "Heavenly level Skincare Expect", "DIY Beauty Master" and ects... He has 18years of experience in skincares line. He's a online beauty Guru on his website and the most famous one would be the beauty guru on "女人我最大"(Women).

Clara and me
When the beautyshow begin.. we were waiting outside, so I miss out the opening for the first day and abit after we went off stage. On Sunday, they changed the rundown of the programs(so Clara and me were seated among the audience and our Q&A have shifted to the back.). I was able to enjoy the whole workshop. ^__^

On Saturday, when I was onstage... Ming help me with all the pics taking.
Clara and I onstage with Niu Er and Host WeiPing(She's really nice and cute la)
Don't ask me what I have said onstage.. I totally cannot remember any.. "blank out"! lolx
Niu Er pulling peoples with targeting problems from the audience
For more details on the Saturday Workshop, do check out Mag's blog (makeupstash) and Iris's blog (Rouge Deluxe).

Here are some shots I took on Sunday.
Host: FM933 DJ WeiPing and Niu Er chit chatting about the importants of anti-oxdiants
During the beginning of the workshop for Saturday(Bloggers interaction section).. we chat about foods that are good for our skins.. antioxidants are very good for us cos it's fight free radicals, make us look younger and our skin surely benefit from it ^__^ 

He recommends that "berries" especially dry berries, because fresh one contain more water.. where the dry one only contain the essence of the berries. He recommend us to drinks more Japanese ginseng water + goji berries (Just add 3slices of Jap ginseng(not as heaty as America/Korean) + a handful of goji berries + hot water).. this is good for blood circulation.

From what I know.. Onion, green and black teas, grape seed/skin, kiwi(good for lightening dark spot) and berries(blackcurant, bilberry, cranberry,goji and ects) are high antioxidants foods/fruits.

Antioxidants- prevent aging, fight free radical(reduce the risk of cancers), wont get sunburned easily, activate collagen, enhance blood circulation and give us radiants and supple skin. (And they all taste yummy! lolx.. most of my favourite foods are antioxdiants)

I will blog more about the skin massaging for lifting and reduces water from our face on another entry, where I'll talk about the 8 KOSE products He recommended for Singapore.

Now more pics...
Ticket winner for Sat workshop! Christy went off right after the show(baby's duty call ^__^)
Verln, Mag, Iris and me
Debx and me
WeiPing and me
Thanks KOSE for the invitation, they work really hard for this workshops(Stress/tired, I know.. but you all did a GREAT Job!!!!!). 

And Niu Er for all the wonderful beauty tips.
(A interesting contest coming up soon... DO check back often)