Saturday, August 07, 2010

Review: Shiseido Aqualabel Moisturizing range

Was given a 3pcs sample of Aqualabel Moisture range to try out during the Preview/facial session back in June.

 The sample last me about 10days. The Moisture Lotion R and Aqua Enhancer MO finished up first and the emulsion R can last another 4 use.

Key ingredients in the Moisture range:
1) Collagen Glycerin - Collagen plumps up skin to keep it looking young and supple while Glycerin maintains the balance of water level in skin
2) Apricot Extract - Promotes production of Natural Moisturising Factors to keep skin moisturised
3) Aqua Synergy - An exclusive ingredient that blends easily with water and oil in skin so that it can penetrate deeper into the skin layers
4) Moist Aqua Keeping Base - An exclusive ingredient to plump up skin and keep it hydrated by infusing skinwith moisture
Contains 4 ingredients::
-> Moisture Membrane: Locks moisture in skin
-> Double Hyaluronic Acid: High moisturising effect and enhances skin's elasticity
-> Biocompatible Hydrating Liquid: Replenishes skin with it natural moisture
-> Aqua Synergy: Penetrates ingredients into skin effectively
Moisture Lotion R

Moisture Lotion R
Softens and deeply hydrates skin with moisture, this lotion comes in a 'S' (Supple) and 'R' (Rich) version.
"S" is suitable for Normal to Oily Skin-type
"R" is suitable for Normal to Dry Skin-type
(Price : SGD 26.90 @ Watsons Singapore)

My mini review:
I'm using the "R" version... the texture was very light and watery.(Apply with a cotton pad).
When I pat it all over my face, it feel slightly greasy on the skin(not like those thick heavy type of greasy, just a thin film... doesn't bother me at all)
After using it for 10days, it didn't cause any clogging or break-out on my combination skin.

Moisture Emulsion R

Moisture Emulsion R:
Plumps up skin with moisture and promotes production of skin's Natural Moistuising Factors. A moisturiser with an extremely light-weight texture! Like the lotion, it has an 'S' and 'R' version to better suit yr skin type.
(Price: SGD29.90 @ Watsons SIngapore)

My mini review:
-> It really light weighted
-> Very moisturizing - my face feel supple and soft.
-> watery texture.. not creamy or too watery!
-> Absorbed into the skin really fast.
-> Work well with the Moisture Lotion "R"
-> Doesn't clog pores or cause any break-out on me
 Aqua Enhancer MO
Powerfully forces moisture and essential ingredients deep within skin layers so that benefits are perfecty absorbed!
(Price: SD$24.90 @ Watsons Singapore)

My mini review:
It have the same watery texture as the Lotion(toner).. but when I pat this on my face(using cotton pad), it feels abit cooling!(I like) and the finishing feel very similar to the Aqualabe Moisture lotion R. But after around 10 to 20secs skin feel silky smooth.

Overall review::On each products...  it doesn't have the WOW factors and it didn't feel any different compare to any other GOOD moisturizing products in the Markets. (Base on the texture and the inital feel when I applied each products).
But after using these products together... I can feel a huge different in just 3days!!!!!

  • my skin have become more fine, smooth and hydrated!(Doesn't have any dry patchy cheeks) Maybe becos I have been products containing Hyaluronic Acid so my skin was already hydrated(????).. I donno, but I do see feel a huge different on my skin texture! I really really LOVE it!
  • Skin look radiant and glowly.
    After finishing the products.. I use back Hada Labo/Aqua Moist and although they were really moisturising... but my face doesn't feel as fine as when I'm using Aqualabel! (I'm gonna add aqualabel in my skincare regime for sure!)
AQUALABEL Deep Clear Oil Cleansing
Deep Clear Oil Cleansing
An oil-based makeup remover to remove all types of makeup effortlessly.
- Contains sebum-plug removing ingredient that deeply cleanses and unclogs pores.
- Exfoliates dead skin cells and excess melanin for better clarity but doesn't strip skin of moisture.
(Price: SD$18.50 @ Watson Singapore)

My review:
  • The oil was watery(not as thick as Fancl or biore cleansing oil)..
  • easy to spread/massage around the face without using too much.
  • Have similar texture as Point Rice cleansing oil(Korean) and Sana Natural Resource Cleansing oil.
  • Doesn't have any fragrance.. I didn't smell any. (Both Sana and Point have nice and relaxing scents)
  • Cleanse off waterproof makeup and mascaras really well (especially Majolica Majorca and Fasio mascaras!)
  • The oil rinses of pretty easily...

My all time fave cleansing oils:
  • Point rice cleansing oil (SD$29)

  • Sana Natural Resource cleansing oil (SD$33- I think, can't remember how much) 

  • Biore cleansing oil(the purple tube) (SD$15.90) 
  • And now Aqualabel Deep clear cleansing oil(SD$18.50) have made it to my list!!!!!
I bought the cleansing oil around end of June and I already finished the product!!!
I totally forgot to take a pic of the texture..(Sorry) well it look like any clear oil cleanser.

As for now, I really don't have any bad/down points to say about Aqualabel products(I need to try more of their other range).. lolx...  Have you tried any great Aqualabel products? Do share with me! ^__^

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