Saturday, August 14, 2010

Review: Laneige Snow BBcream + LOTD

I received a sample of Laneige Snow BBcream last Month. Have been trying it on and off for the past month(well, rotating with other bbcreams and trying it with and without Sunblock base.) I'm so hardworking right? lolx

OK, Let start with my bare face. Yup.. no super upclose, it too scary to be so upclose la.
I have some "weather's bumps" on my cheeks(Ya, both cheeks) ...

What is "weather's bumps"? 
It bumps cause by Inflammation skin due to hot and humid weathers. (Partly due to clog pores also.. in and our of AC places.. pores open and close.. makeup, sebum and dirts traps into the pore! "shake head") Mostly it will pop out around lower cheeks and chin... huge, painful and oily bump... always took weeks to heal!) So I called them "weather's bump" :P

OK... enough say.. let see my horrible naked face with bright daylight and abit of distance ... heehee...

Argggg... hate seeing my face like that! (Pray to my buddha.. "when will these scarring be heal"!!!!!)

With L'oreal Paris UV Perfect Mat (SPF30 UVA PA+++)
and Laneige Snow BBcream
Ahhhh ^___^ feeling much better now!
Hate the "weather's bump".. it painful, huge and took forever to heal and the color of the bump was OMY hating type of purplish!(Hard to conceal!!!!)


The texture of the Laneige Snow bbcream was just nice.. not too thick or watery (inbetween of a liquid foundation.. but recently I found out that some liquid foundation was quite watery... almost like a bbcream/tinted moisturizer!)

I can't help but compare it with Skin79 Oriental Gold BBcream(Click in for review on MY LOVE <3<3<3) and Skin79 Diamond Collection I :: The Prestige Beblesh Balm(review coming soon.. give me another week or so.... lolx)
Let's compare...
The products texture/shade
Laneige Snow BBcream have almost the same shade and texture as Skin79 Oriental Gold bbcream. Where Skin79 Diamond was abit lighter/watery compare to both(Laneige and Oriental).

OK.. here come my fave "point" form review::
  • Good oil control. With or without Sunblock.
  • Sometimes.. the oil control was just average(start to see abit of shine on my nose after 3 to 4hrs of wearing) but most of the time, the oil control was quite good. (thinking back... most of the times when weathers were abit humid(not HOT.. just humid).. the oil control wasn't that good! (Well.. maybe becos I released more sebum????? Must be la! lolx)
  • Even out skintones, minimize pores and fine lines.
    Same with alot of bbcreams and foundation... don't cover purplish scarring.
  • Finishing:: Light sticky feel before setting it with loose powder
  • Doesn't cause any break-out on me

What else.... (Ask me.. if you have any questions)
I'm using the MAC mineralize eye shadow from "In the Groove" Collection
Calm, Cool and Collected
The texture of the mineralize eye shadow was so silky smooth (not chunky at all!)
Products used:
Products used on face::- L'oreal Paris UV Perfect Mat SPD30 (UVA PA+++)
- Laneige Snow BBcream (SPF 41 PA++)
- SANA Natural Resource Loose Powder UV SPF19 PA++ (To set the bbcream)
- Elianto Bake bronzer blush
- Barry M Apricot Blush on apple of the cheeks
- Gransenbon Grand Decollete Luxury - Silk Moon (#01 Yellow) as cheek's highlight
Products used on my eye's makeup:
MAC Paintery Paintpot as base
- Mac Calm, Cool and Collected Mineralize eyeshadow
Using 1(the middle color) on the lids
Using 2 the darker shade on outer corner and blend into the crease
Using 3 The light goldish beige as brow's highlight
Using MAC Soba on crease as transition color
(Yes my fave transition color... SOBA!)
-Stage Green Gel liner.. it was so sheer, I don't like it :(
- K-palette Real Lasting 24h black liquid eyeliner
- Pupa #14 Teal Green eyeliner/shadow as lower lash line
- Nature Republic Eye lover pearl pencil on water lines
- K-palette Real lasting eyebrow 24h in 01 shade
- Kate eyebrow color in LB-2(brow's mascara)
- Majolica Majorca lash bone black fiber in (base)
- K-palette Real lasting volume waterproof mascara

(Item highlight in blue are products given to me by the company to try/review)
How do...
How can I not end this entry with Peapea.. He's a makeup lover! lolx
(like to sniff them and sometimes lick it!!!)

Peapea's fave ->>>> makeup brushes, mascara and mineral foundation!

I'm not affiliated with the company. 
I do this review cos it was more requested.