Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Bawang's 1st Natural Herbal Shampoo Bloggers Discussion Group + Review

 I was invited to The Bawang's 1st Natural Herbal Shampoo Bloggers Discussion Group on 23 July 2010(Friday) along with some other pretty bloggers ^__^ at City Hall Link TCC.This discussion group was to intro us the range of Bawang shampoos (which was endorsed by Jackie Chan).

When I received the invitation.. I actually didn't knew that the Bawang Natural Herbal Shampoo was actually the Ba Wang(霸王) that I've saw around CK Department stores.(lolx) 

And to be frankly, I never thought about trying it.. cos it doesn't appear to me.

To me their products felt kinda strong and it seem to be more suitable for older peoples(You get what I means? lolx)

Well.. After trying 2 of their shampoo, I was wrong! It's suitable for all ages!They also coming out with a much cheerful range called (追风) Royal Wing endosed by Faye Wong (Which will be launch around mid August). Targeting for younger consumers.

Anyway, Royal Wing already out in WatsonsRetail at SD$9.80 each
Anyway, during the discussion group - they also clear up the rumour spread by a Hongkong tabloid magazine defaming that BAWANG products contain cancerious ingredients such as 1,4-Dioxane. 

Apparently 1,4-Dioxane is prevalent in our daily neccessities such as water, air and food. Well it can be found in most shampoo, bath and cosmetic products. (Well.. for me who doesn't read newspaper or watch news.. I totally didn't knew about the rumour! lolx... NOW I KNOW!!)

(Click the above pic for larger size)
Anyway, when purchasing Bawang products beware of imitation. DO check for their offical logo printed on the box
Now... some pics from the short discussion group session
OK... here's the breakdown of each products I've recevied.Anti- Hair fall shampoo
Anti-dandruff shampoo with chinese herbal extracts
Tea-seed Itch Relief Shampoo
And some samples of the latest product- Royal WingStrengthening & Thickening Shampoo

Before I start reviewing the products.. I wanna tell you something about my hair condition and what I'm looking for in shampoo!-

  • I have very oily, flaking and sensitive scalp.
    (Hair does look nice, but it bring me alot of problems on the scalp! Hai~)
  • Normally, I need about 4 to 7 days to know whether a shampoo works well on me
    (good enough for my scalp)
  • I don't care much about the hair.. if my scalps feel ok with it, I'm happy. 
  • I have moisture/hydrated hair
    (consider me lucky.. cos I don't have a problem of them being too drying or having split ends.)
  • Most commerical shampoo always made my scalp itchy, sticky or painful. 
  • I prefer orangnic shampoo.. even thought it was really hard to lather into my scalp but I like the oil control and it didn't make my sensitive scalp feel painful.


Review on Royal Wing Strengthening & Thickening Shampoo
I've tried Royal Wind Strengthening & Thickening Shampoo for 4days (I ran out of the samples). 
  • The herbal scent wasn't too overpowering... quite a smoothing scent!
  • Above average oil control! Doesn't make my hair feel too greasy the next day
  • Hair become more thicker (volume wise)
  • My scalp didn't feel painful or itchy (Thumbs Up!)
  • Hair feel smooth and silky too Well.. don't take my word on this, cos almost all shampoo I've tried... my hair don't feel any different rather then being light/heavy/oily or sticky! (My only concern was my scalp..)
Anyway, I'm not hating it! I wanna try their oil-control shampoo for oily hair.. ^__^
  • Doesn't Whip up alot of foam.. not hard to lather into the scalps but the foam wore off quite fast(resulting in using abit more shampoo) ... it feel like I'm using a facial cleanser on my scalp(lolx)
(This was just an initial review- I wanna get the Royal Wind Oil control shampoo, for oily hair)

Review on Bawang Anti-dandruff Shampoo
When I read Joyce Sept review on this shampoo about being too drying for her... I can't wait to try it! 

(Dry means more suitable for oily scalp! heehee)I only use this for 3days and so this was just an initial review on how the shampoo feel(Not a full review)

  • Hair feel light and fluffy
  • Good oil control
  • Scalp feel nice... as for dandruff problems.. it's too soon to tell!
  • Scalp doesn't feel itchy for now(Have to give this another few days to know whether it suit me anot)
  • Hair feel smooth, soft and clean(I like)
  • Scent.. minty! Very refreshing scent and not too overpowdering.
  • It doesn't whip up alot of foam.. but it lather very nicely onto my scalp.
  • Hair doesn't feel sticky.
(I will have a update review on this shampoo... Need to try this for another week)

Thanks Elfaine(Fr3b) and Bawang(Hannah Holding)for the invitation and sponsering the products for consideration.