Friday, July 16, 2010

Shadow Worx Eye Shadow Primer

This new product from Coastal Scents sound so interesting.

From CS webby:Prepare to be amazed by the astonishing results of CS Shadow Worx Eye Primer. Shadow Worx comes in an easy to squeeze gold tube with a slim release point, this allows for precise dispersement of product along with eliminating bacterial growth. This results when using a wand and pumping in air, you will find it easy to squeeze down to your very last drop, no waste.
Shadow Worx appears pearlescent and is champagne in color, it offers multi-functional uses with ease. Your shadows will apply smoothly like silk, blend well and dry quickly.  Your shadow will remain crease-free and vibrant all day, a matte effect is easily obtained when applying matte powders over the Shadow Worx. This also doubles as an eye shadow and high lighter! You can build to an opaque shade or keep it translucent depending on the coverage you would like to achieve.

Feel like trying it... but the price make me think twice! (Anyone tried this before???)
USD$14.95 (With international shipping.. it gonna round up to around SD$30)
Not really a wallet friendly price tag!