Sunday, July 18, 2010

SANA Natural Resource Bloggers' sensitive skin challenge session

I was invited for the SANA Natural Resource Bloggers' sensitive skin challenge at their office on Friday(16 July 2010)

This session was to intro/try out the range of SANA Natural Resource Products, which was meant for Sensitive skin. (Suitable for all skintypes too)

Natural Resource Products is Additive-free (doesn't contain- colorants, mineral oil, Alcohol, Paraben, Ultraviolet ray(absorbent agent) and artificial fragrances. (Dermatologically Tested)

I have alot of fun during the session, as we shares tips, informations on the products and learn more about the brand "SANA" (It's one of the biggest cosmetic company in JAPAN!)

Skincare range
Here's the full collection of the skincare range
(Click the pic to see it in larger size)
Liquid Foundation UV N(For normal to Dry skin)
4 shades (30g) SPF 22 PA+++ Contain Rose water
Treatment foundation with superior moisturizing and covering qualities. Rich hydrating finish.
Pressed foundation and powder
Powder foundation UV SPF26 PA++
4shades (10g)
Good UV protection. Light feeling with fine-texture finish.

Protective Powder AC SPF15 PA++ (9.5g)
Cover pores as well as acne marks. For luminous, smooth, beautiful skin.

Spot Cover AC (4.4g)
Apply on acne marks, spots and freckles for a natural-looking finish

Loose Powder UV (15g) SPF19 PA++
Contain Rose water
For translucent-looking, fine texture skin

Protect Base UV N (30g) SPF20 PA++
Helps keep makeup long lasting. Covers redness with a light yellow color effect.

Treatment Base UV N (30g) SPF18 PA++
Contain Rose water
Covers discolorations with rose water effect.

There is 3 makeup bases
I forgot to take pic of the UV milk base
(The one on the left)

Easy Peel Cleansing water
Contain AHA+BHA
(This cleansing water is mild enough to use it everyday)
It's a 3 in 1 products
Can remove light makeup(not waterproof), cleanse and tone the skin
And now... the generous goodies bag!!
Look at the almost overflowing paper bag

They giving us the full range of the skincare. (This is wat I called GOODIES bag!)
(They pick the products that suit our skin problems - each bloggers took home different/yet similar products)

-Cleansing Oil 180ml (I tried this before... Love it!)
-Foam Wash (bubble)(160ml)
-Skin Lotion M (180ml)
-Essence Lotion (180ml)
-Milk Lotion AC (150ml)
-Cream (35g)
-Moist Skin care powder 24h (I use this before and LOVE it so much!)
-Protect Base UV N(30g)
-Liquid Foundation (Shade 1)
-Powder foundation UV (shade 1)
-Protective Powder AV
-Spot cover AV (concealer)
-Loose Powder UV
-Pore Vacuumer (this is an amazing product!)
-Make essence eyes and lip areas concealer
-PorePutty Clear face powder
SANA Pore Vacuumer
vacuum out clogged build-up

Make essence concealer for eyes and lip area
They have 3 type of make essence concealers
Make essence Pore concealer (I've tried this.. not bad!)
Make essence eye concealer (Singapore don't have this)
Make essence eyes and lip areas concealer

This PorePutty clear powder act like a blot powder (won't clog/cake up during touch up!)

I will start using this skincare range on Monday and see how much it will improve my skin (texture/redness).
Check out SANA website for more infos :: Here

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