Friday, July 30, 2010

Physiogel special blogger event and the goodies bag

Last Tuesday (20th July 2010) was invited by Ju Ann (oasis interative) and Physiogel to attent their re-launch party at Grand Park Hotel.


I went there with Ming and Verlyn. We were there early (But not that early to win the 1 year's supply of PHYSIOGEL lotion(1 to arrive).. the winner is JUNE!) .. we all got a bottle of shampoo instead(Good enough for me... cos I have been wanting to try their shampoo)

The display

About Physiogel::
Unlike most other normal moisturizers, Physiogel has a special DMS technology which penetrates your skin and repairs, rehydrates and revitalises your skin.

Physiogel slogon: repairs, rehydrates and revitalises

Their products are....
-no colourants
-no perfume
-no perservatives
-Suitable for sensitive/eczema skin (suitable for all skin type too)

Physiogel is under the wing of stirfel (Correct me.. if I'm wrong)

Their full range products

Can read more about Physiogel from their website

OK.. here are the fun part.. Pics time ^__^



Verlyn (

Roseanne (



Clara ( and Rachel(

Tiffany, Clara and moi

The event begin with Dr Mark Tang (consultant dermatologist) on moisturizing, skin types and The skin!)

Follow by Eugene (Marketing Managers from GlaxoSmithKline)
Talks on the brand Physiogel, marketing and ects

Ok.. here's the Goodies Bag


The AI sun cream is going to expire soon.. HOW??? Can still use it, right?? It won't lost it efficiency right???(I hope not~)
Right now I'm doing the 1month SANA sensitive skin Challenge.. so I won't be using this range of products soon. I will start using the Shower cream and lotion(on my body) and shampoo next week.

OK.. here are some of the informations on each products::

Physiogel Cleanser
(This is mild enough for babies!!! I like.. can't wait to try it)

 Physiogel Lotion

Physiogel cream

Physiogel AL sun cream

Physiogel Shower Cream

Physiogel Shampoo
Can't wait to try this.. I have oily and sensitive scalp!!! (But right now I'm trying the Bawang shampoo! lolx)


Disclamier: I am not affiliated by Physiogel, I blog about this cos I love blogging... and I did not pay for any of the products mention above.