Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Heal Pharm... is the key to get rid of strawberry nose!

My sister keep telling me how good this Heal Pharm Nose pore cleaning sheet was, ever since she bought it.

I don't really like cleaning sheet for nose.. cos it never work! Most of the time I find that it peel off my facial hairs more then the white/black heads on my nose!!

So I tried it last friday and OMY OMY OMY OMY.. I was dancing around when I peel this sheet off!! (In slow motion.. I can see all the greasy white heads sticking on the sheet while I peel... it was amazing!)

I spent the next 5 mins starring at the sheet.. white head stick on the sheet so tightly.. not one facial hair was being removed! (Thumb up!)

(Prepare for the gross...... )

And my nose was so smooth after I peel off cleaning sheet! (Love it LOVE it LOVE LOVE LOVE it)

Thanks goodness that I give this a try.. else I would have missed such a wonderful product!!!

And this box of goodness only cost SD$1.95!!!! (Promotion item! Not sure about the retail price.)

She got it at Watsons!(Go grab it before it ran out of stocks)

So cheap Right!!! So I ask her to get more the next day... and she came home with....

The one I'm using is Charcoal Black Heal Pharm Cleaner Pack..
they also have White Heal pharm cleaner pack (I haven't try the white one yet)

To share my joy.. I'm giving away a set Heal Pharm (giveaway on seperate post)