Thursday, July 22, 2010

Collective hauls

I have been getting tiny stuff here and there 
(Not really a massive haul.. but it something something! loxl)

First is MAC Mineralize eyeshadow trio from In The Groove Collection
Cool, Calm and Collected (SD$35)
SMH eyeshadows (From Dyan's spree)
Some belong to my friends, I ordered 5 colors (but one was OOS)
Blur me..  ordered 2 cashmere!(lolx)

Top: Two to Tango
bottem L-R: Cashmere and Charisma
L-R: Charisma, Cashmere and Two to Tango
Shiseido lash curler
I notice the packaging abit different!
(Price SD$16+ @ SASA)
I love it... it was nice, but I still prefer my very first plastic lash curler!
(Back then I was too young to remember the brand.. lolx)
Not makeup related.. TBS changed the packaging of the fragrance oil! (SD$9.90)
and the price was increased by $1.00 :(
Compare the old and new bottle
My sis gave me this box of hair dye 3 weeks ago!
Ash brown.. it look abit greenish on the box(me likey)
KLORANE Dry Shampoo (Spray type) SD$14.90
Got this couple weeks ago.. my hair have been so greasy that no amount of oil control shampoo can help.
I've tried the squeeze bottle type before and I find that it squeezed out too much powder!
K-palette liquid brow liner in 01 (SD$13.20 watsons promo price)
MY fave liquid brow liner!
Got these at Jurong Point (push cart from level 2)
Oops.. I forgot the price.. think I got all less then SD$10
Joyce Sept recommended this mask!
Idebenone Q10 Mask (SD$1.90 SASA)

Powder puff SD$3.95 (Guardian)
Top Shop Makeup
Kohl Pencil SD$9.00
Cream blush SD$13.00

Kohl pencil

Cream blush in Nutmeg


Gel eyeshadow (BR-1) SD$14.50
Brow mascara (LB2) SD$14.50
They have another brow shade is more darker and reddish brown.

The texture of this gel eyeshadow was really soft and it feel like mousse (more wet compare to Maybelline mousse shadow)
I love it.... feel like getting the other shades!

This(KATE) is by far the closer dupe to Maquillage Brow Wax! (but with smaller brush)
OK.. let compare the brush/swatches of
Kate brow mascara, Maquillage brow wax and Fasio brow mascara


The Kate brush was smaller then Maquillage one!
And I LOVE IT... I kinda prefer this over the Fasio (cos the brush pick up too little products)

Avalon Organics Shampoo (SD$11.90) New item in Watsons
The shampoo was in gel form and surprising very easy to lather into the scalps
compare to all the organic shampoo I've ever tried!
L'oreal Paris UV perfect Mat (SD$17.90 promo price at Watsons)
ELF blending brush (ebay SD$3.90)

Some no brand brushes from CHINA
The flat top brush was really soft!