Saturday, June 26, 2010

Review: Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Mask

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Mask
-> Fragrances Free
-> Mineral oil Free
-> Alcohol Free
-> Colorant Free
-> Skin pH balanced.
-> Low Irritationg


I was masking the mask upside down! This was a tip given by Kevin(Taiwanese makeup artist).
He said that applying skincares while being "upside down"(was that how it was said? Correct me if I'm wrong),it will boost up the blood circulation and enhance the absorption of the products into our skin.

No need to stay in the position for long...  just 1 to 2 mins will do.   Personally, I find it very relaxing... I was in that position for like about 5mins and almost fall asleep(lolx) and both my doggies were sniffing my wet hair under my bed! (They are having fun playing with my hair! lolx)
The mask was really hydrating and very soothing! (so relaxing)
Doesn't sting my face especially around my chin and the skin around my nose. I always experiences stingy sensation for around a min whenever I do a sheet mask or wash off mask(no matter what brands). And this Hada Labo mask was the FIRST that I don't feel anything(LOVE IT)

After 15mins.. the mask still feel really moist, so after removing the mask, I massage the essence into my skin and when it start to feel abit dry/sticky(not really that sticky.. the stickyness was the same as their Hydrating milk)... I start to pat my face until the essence was fully absorbed.(I prefer patting then massage.. cos less tugging on my skin (You can do whatever make you feel comfortable ^__^)
After everything was adsorbed, skin feel really smooth(silky smooth) and supple. It last up to 3 to 4days(Impressive!!!!)! Normally the moisturizing factor for a piece of sheet mask won't last that long... mostly around 1 day - some just a few hours! That's why, I always prefer wash off hydrating mask- because the moisturizing/smoothness last longer! 
This is a wonderful discovery for me(lolx)... because I'm lazy!!! Without the fuss of washing after masking and applying skincares... I can see myself using this mask more often.. instead of doing any mask(wash off) once or twice a month! lolx :Þ
If your skin is de-hydrated and in need of intense moisturizing, before putting on the mask and after the lotion add on the essense! The mask will trap/lock all the goodness into your skin.

cleanse -> lotion -> essence -> mask

I really love this mask... Joyce Sept told/warn me that the mask was really sticky! Hmmm... I don't find it too sticky! I kinda LOVE the texture and the soothing feeling when I have this mask on my face. (lolx) I very much prefer the thickness of the essence in this mask compare to alot of sheet masks I've tried so far(mostly korean masks.) Well.. it's all personal preference. 

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