Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Part 1: Goodie bag from Chrome Intensity Bloggers' Party by L'Oreal Paris Cosmetics

(That was a long title! lolx)
I was invited by L'oreal Paris to attend their Chrome Intensity Bloggers' Party on last Sat(05 June 2010), the party was held at Fika (Swedish Café & Bistro) a cozy cafe located around Beach Road.

For this entry, I'm going to show you the goodie bag and swatches first.

Each bloggers received a press kit contain all 4 chrome intensity palette and a goodie pouch(worth SD100+) which have a Super Liner 24H3 Color Riche lipsticks and a Ultra Volume Collagene mascara

And the friends that came with the bloggers will received a goodie pouch which have Super Liner 24H, 2 Color Riche lipsticks, a Ultra Volume Collagene mascara and 2 Chrome intensity palettes. (Very goodies goodie bag isn't it? lolx)  The huge butterfly was their display... I took one home with me ^___^  teehee~
The kit
The drawer(pull out) house the 4 palettes
The goodie bag
Opps! I forgot to swatch the lipsticks(I will add in the swatches soon)

OK... now the swatches and some intro on the Chrome Intensity Palettes.
Swatches of Timeless green Palette
I notice that the Cacao mania from the Timeless Green Palette look really similar to MAC Bronze eyeshadow
Belong were the comparison and swatches.
Cacao Mania was abit reddish compare to MAC bronze!
Magic Amber (is exclusively available in department)
I really love the Gold!!! So pretty~
Aquadisiac Palette
I also notice that the Aquadisiac from this palette look really similar to MAC shimmermoss!
Here's the comparison and swatches
(MAC shimmermoss is much lighter and have more green then Aquadisiac.
But putting both side by side... it look almost the same!(lolx)
Pink Mania

LOTD using Pink Mania palette
LOTD using Aquadisiac palette
LOTD using Magic Amber
LOTD using Timeless Green

The 4 Chrome Intensity palettes are Limited Edition and will be available at all Watsons, Guardians, selected departmental stores and major Supermarkerts and Hypermarkets(In Singapore)
For Magic Amber palette only available in seleted departmental stores (In Singapore)
Price: SD$19.90

- Super Liner 24H (SD$21.90)
- Color Riche lipsticks (SD$18.90 or SD$19.90)
- Ultra Volume Collagene mascara (SD$18.90 or SD$19.90)

I'm not affiliated with the company.
Product was provided for consideration.