Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nail polishes....

On saturday, collected my China Glaze nail polishes from Gwen(I only ordered 3 bottles from her spree)...
Pool party, Kiwi Cool Ada(Both from poolside collection) and For Audrey
Neon Pink and Green... "pool party" look more of a Deep Coral pink neon then a PINK :(


(*Above pic- Without flash)

For Audrey Swatches
After collecting the nail polishes... having lunch(subway) and mini shopping with Kas and Vion(uneekunique)

I got 2 item from Nature Republic
Blemish Lab AC spot relief gel (SD$20.90 before GSS discount)
Nail polishes
I don't remember the price.. think after discount it's around SD$1.65(??)

((((Something not related to beauty... lolx))))
Last friday... Went to See "Wonder Girls" Music Showcase by Sony Ericsson
Not a fan... but well, it's free ^__^
And I took the chance to check out Marina Bay Sand
(Pretty.. but still quite bare! lolx)

".....I want nobody nobody but you... [clap clap]..." (lolx)