Monday, June 21, 2010

Magnum Party~

Last Month-  26 May 2010(I know.. I was so slow!)
The lovely ppls from SinKid (PR of Anna Sui) invited me(and afew beauty bloggers) to the M Party! The Magnum Gold Party (It's totally not beauty related)  which was held at The Waterboat House. @ Fullerton Road

Door gift:: The Passport inspired note book and a plane ticket (**above pic)

mug shots
(The theme of the Magnum Gold CF)

Mag and Me

This scan was taken off Magnum Singapore
Iris, Kas, Christy, me and Sara

The outdoor

(even though it was super warm ouside... the scenery was awesome!!)

These are just some of the foods.. some I forgot to take pic of it! lolx(like mini burgers)

Ice-cream time!

Highlight of the party.. YUP! Not the Ice-cream! lolx

After having tones of foods(fingers foods + buffet dinner), drinks(lime juice, Orange Juice and COKE) and ice-cream! We say "goodbye" and pop over to Merlion park to rest our feet , chill and having some coffees and teas(More drinks! lolx).

I donno why everyone was taking pics of the moon(it something mention by Kas)..lolx

It nice a breezing at merlion park! Feel totally different when I was there during day time!!(Love it)


It was a fun night!!! Having so much fun chit chatting with everyone ^__^