Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lip smackers + review and Skin79

Last Friday, I received the parcel from starasia(Skin79 and Lip smackers).

The Lip smacker package.
I love the personal touch! (So cute)
The Lip Smacker Trios SD$15.90
A lip smacker(lip balm), liquid lip smacker(lip gloss) and Rolly lip smacker (a roller liquid gloss/balm)
Check out the ingredients list
Lip smacker
The scent: It smell like coca-cola, very refreshing(I LOVE IT)
The taste: It's sweet... doesn't taste like coke... just sweet (lolx)
The texture: It's creamy.. doesn't feel waxy like a regular lip balm. (Kinda feel like cream on my lips.)  I tried using this as an overnight lip balm(I wear this to sleep)...  doesn't feel thick and very moisturizing! Oh and it's quite lasting! Making my lips feel soft.
I like the texture so much...  I'm going to get the Fanta:Orange and strawberry! ^_^
Liquid Lip smacker
The scent: It smell like vanilla coke, milky sweet scent and  very refreshing(I LOVE IT)
The taste: Doesn't have much taste... but it have a tiny hint of a creamy coke taste
The texture: It's very creamy (abit oily)..  not waxy or sticky at all! (Same as the lip balm... feel like cream on my lips.)  This is more creamy compare to the lip smacker(the lip balm version: mention above)..
Not drying at all(for both lip smacker and liquid lip smacker)... After the gloss wore off(or lick off), my lips still feel moist and soft. (Most of the lipbalm I've try, all feel abit dry after wearing the balm for awhile)
Rolly Lip smacker
The scent: It smell like coca-cola, very refreshing(I LOVE IT) The stronger scent compare to the two version above.
The taste: Taste like coke without the soda(gas??).. this is sweeter compare to the two version above.
The texture: It's creamy(abit oily).. doesn't feel waxy or sticky at all. (feel like cream on my lips- same as the other 2)  ...  doesn't feel thick and very moisturizing!  The creamy(oily) texture was lighter then the liquid lip smacker. It in between of lip smacker(lip balm) and the liquid lip smacker.  The metal ball is very cooling! I like~ I feel instant refresh when I roll this on my lip!

Lip smacker is available exclusively at all Guardian stores

2nd item in the parcel:::
Skin79's The oriental Shimmering bb cream (part of my goodie bag item)
Price: SD$35.90 (Watsons)
The brush head can be remove for deep cleansing!

I haven't tried this yet.. just cleanse the brush.. Can't wait to try this out.