Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A tiny haul: AquaLabel, Fasio brow mascara and random stuff....

- Sally Hansen Nail polish remover (2 for SD$8.00 @ Sasa)
- Sasa eyebrow razor (SD$1.80 @ Sasa)
- Made in Korea Tweezer (SD$1.55 @ Sasa)
- Fasio Brow's mascara (SD$13.00 @ Guardian)
- AquaLabel Whitening Deep clear oil cleanser (SD$18.50 @ Tampines Mall Atrium Watsons sale)
- Hada Labo Hydrating Face wash 2 tubes (SD$12.90each @ Watsons)
(For my mum and sister - mine already finished and I'm using Aquamoist cleanser now)
Some close-up of the stuff I got ^__^
Aqualabel whitening Deep clear oil cleanser
Can't wait to try this..

Fasio Brow mascara

They have 2 shades : 301 and 300
I got 301- which was a golden yellowish brown
Where 300 was a bronze reddish brown

I love the brush applicator! It's a brow's comb brush!
The formula wasn't watery(I like)
301 was very similar to Maquillage brow wax in 77
(I'm SOLD when I swatched the fasio brow mascara- I love the color!!)

Here's the compare swatches
Maquillage brow wax 77 and Fasio brow mascara 301
Fasio one are more yellowish
With flash
Without flash
With flash
Without flash

I tried it today and I like it alot!! The formula wasn't watery (unlike Dariya Palty brow's mascara or MAC brow set).. more like Maquillage, just a bit more drier. I think it was because of the brush applicator.. it doesn't grab alot of the formula and it comb and coat my brow's hair really well!!! The color wasn't that shimmery or goldish when it's on my brows!! (love it)