Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shiseido's 40th anniversary party!

First, I wanna thanks Shisedo and Pearlin for the invitation to the Shiseido's 40th Anniversary Party!
I feel so feel honored ^__^

OK... Let's the pics do the talking....

The red carpet!
A walk of memories lane! (40 years of memories of Shisedo Singapore)

On both side of the wall...
Displaying of their  products from Shisedo, ZA, Ettuasia, Maquillage to Majolica Majorca...

Shisedo's website

"Let the products speak for itself"
by Shinzo Fukuhara, Shisedo
When there's a mirror.. my face should be in it!(Right right? lolx)
Ettusais means "You know What"? in French.

Ettusais website

Majolica Majorca

ZA products

ZA's Website

Shiseido Professional

The New Prosynergy - the first anti-aging haircare in the world

K-PAK- The award-winning range.
Products that reconstructs hair quality.

Mirror! Joyce and her kawaii expression!

Clé de Peau Beauté
key to beautiful skin

This whole set cost around SD$2000++++
70days to make a piece of soap(first on the left!!!)
11 years to come out of the scent!

Various ad from Shiseido from the pass...

Shiseido's Zen Fragrance:Perfume developed for the Olympics in Japan (1964)
Also the first Shiseido products that launch international.

Zen's gift set!

The First Cold cream (1932)


Shiseido popular products for the past 40years

40years of memories....

In 1970s Singapore very own Shiseido's factory.


the foods....

The goodies bag

The goodies

Thanks for reading ^__^