Friday, May 28, 2010

Review: Eyecreams- Skin 79, TBS Wisewoman, MAC and Pure beauty

I was going to do a review on Skin79: The Oriental Lifting Eye controller... but at the same time I have also tried a few other eyecreams (I rotated other eyecreams earlier on).. I feel that it would be a good time to review all the eyecreams that I've used recently! And compare it to my all time favourite eyecream "The Bodyshop Wisewoman".

1)Pure Beauty pomegranate Antioxidant eyecream (SD$19.90)
My sis got this for me around March
The texture
- Creamy and moist (not those thick type)
- Doesn't feel oily nor sticky
- easy to spread around the eye's areas.
- It was an ok eyecream for moisturizing.
- Not so soothing
- Minimize dark circle really well (especially those brownish type of dark circle!)
The best factor and selling point for this eyecream was that it fade dark circle!
It only fade those dark cirlce that was due to lack of sleep(Brownish type)!
It doesn't fade those bad blood circulation dark circles(which is purplish/greenish type)
I have a mixture of purplish and brownish dark circles. The brownish part was on my outer half of my undereyes where the purplish was on the inner half. After using the eyecream for a week... I can see that my outer half undereyes was clear up! I love that.. but the down side was, it didn't clear up my purplish dark circle.. I can see half of my undereyes was still dark where the outer half was so clear up... (lolx)

So this would be a good eyecream for those who have dark circles due to lack of sleep (brownish dark circle) and wish to clear them up!

For me I prefer a more moisturizing, and soothing eyecream (I don't really mind having dark circle.lolx)

2)MAC Moisturelush eyecream
Price SD$59.00
Ingredients list...
- Very creamy (thick)
- Not so oily (Just a tiny bit)
- Very moisturizing
- Pump up the fine lines around my under eyes
- After the product absorbed- the skin feel soft and supple
- More suitable for Dry to Normal skin type.
I normally use this when I need intense moisturizing, like when I didn't have enough sleep the night before.
It pump up and moisture my eye's areas really well!

I once tried using this everyday and I found a tiny oil seed on my undereye's area.
This is a good moisturizing products for crack lips! (i find that it was way better then using a lip balm - cos it not wax!)

Price SD$56
Ingredients List
- Creamy
- not greasy
- easy to spread out around eye's area
- Pump up the fine line really well
- Great calming factor, very soothing
- reduce puffiness under eyes- cos it contain caffeine
- Feel Silky smooth once the product absorbed
The texture feel kinda like a primer... you can see instant pump up of the fine lines around the undereyes.
It was non-greasy.. even after a few hours of wearing it, when the face start to feel abit sticky... the area around the eyes still feel really silky smooth!

4) Skin79: The Oriental Lifting Eye controller
Price: SD$26.90
The excellent anti-wrinkle effect of Adenosine keeps the eye and lip contour line smooth by controlling deep and fine lines.
Adenosine controls the fine and the oriental tea blending ingredients including White tea, Green tea, Black tea, keep skin around the eye and lip bright and glossy by caring it easy to lose resilience.
Moisturizing ingredients sensitive and irritable eye contour skin keep it more moisturized and tender by hydration effect.
Caviar extract helps eye and lip contour skin softness to leave instead of tightness and dryness by offering hydration effect.
Ingredients list
- Gel like texture (It look abit pinkish- not white)
- Very moisturizing
- Have good calming/soothing factor
- Easy to spread around- (only need a tiny bit- cos it's very watery)
- When product absorbed. it doesn't feel silky smooth (more like a lotion feel around the eye's areas)
- Suitable for sensitive and irritable eye.
- Can be use on lip to reduce fine lines and for moisturizing the lips.
I like it.. it was very moisturizing, calming and it pump up my fine lines. It doesn't fade dark circles well thought.

5) The Bodyshop Wisewoman eyecream
Price: SD$42
Ingredients List
- Moisturizing
- creamy
- non greasy
- very soothing/calming
- pump up my fine lines
- suitable for all skin type
- easy to spread out around the eye's areas
Even thought this eyecream were meant for mature woman(age above 35).. if find that it not really that greasy or intense. The calming factor of this eyecream was super! And I use this everyday and it didn't cause me any breakout or having oil seeds around my eyes!

This is by far my All time favourite eyecreams... I used to have eczema on my eye's lid(it was very dry, itchy, patchy and discoloration).. And when I used this eyecream on my lids.. it very soothing and after using it for afew months the eczema was cure! (No more redness, patchy and itchy eye's lid!!!) It even out the redness on my eye lids too! It doesn't fade dark circle well.. but I don't mine... cos it calming enough to cure my skin problems!
I find that both Skin79 and MAC Fast Response eyecream were a good alternative for The Bodyshop wisewoman eyecream.
Becos both have calming, soothing and mosturizing factors... and it work great on me!
I have been using TBS WiseWoman eyecream for 2 yrs now... and I will keep re-purchasing it, while trying out new eyecreams ^__^
I still have The Bodyshop Nutriganics™ Smoothing Eye Cream, haven't try it yet! (I hope this would be as great as the wisewoman.)

Thanks for reading this long review! (Comment below if you have any questions ^__^)