Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Haul.. ( And upcoming Shiseido Private sale)

Just a few stuff I got last week.....
MAC Chromagraphic Pencil(I almost forgot about this!)
When I saw Sophia pass this to Amy! It hit me... so I went to Tangs, Sephora and Isetan.. all sold out.. the testers were taken off also!

And I try my luck at DFS! YES.. they still have some left for both shade
I got the NC15/NW20  (PriceSD$27)

MAC Brush cleanser (SD$18)

Collected from Gwen(Ordered thru her spree)
OPI: Jade is the New Blk and Seche Vite topcoat

Went to Watsons few days ago with my sister
I bought the Skin MD Natural(cos I just finished the first bottle)
My sister got the Heroine Make Essence In BB cream, Sana make essence pore concealer and Loreal True Match foundation in N3(SD$30.90 before 20% discount)

Kiss Me: Heroine Make essence in BB cream (SD$21.90)

Product swatch

My sister LOVE this!! So I tried it today... NOT BAD.
Sheer coverage(doesn't make my face look too white, dark or ashy), even out skintone, minimize pores and it doesn't look patchy after I layer on my foundation(I use Anna Sui pressed foundation with it).

It does make my face feel moisturising.. but I'm using the Hada Labo skincares... and this bbcream also contain hyaluronic acid and nano collagen!

Anyway.. this bbcream have too much goodness ingredients in it! (My sister have been using it for afew days now... I will keep track and see if this baby do any goodness on her skin!)

Sana Make Essence Pores Concealer ($19.90)

My sister gave this to me.. saying it doesn't concealer anything! So when I look at it! I means I check the texture first and it feel like a base for minimizing pores... and indeed, it's a pore concealer! lolx.. She just bought it without reading the label! And What worse was.. I was with her when she bought this! Hahahahha.. I only remember the other version which is for under eyes concealer. See cute pics does have selling power!!!!

The texture was kinda nice~ it's not creamy.. feel more like a base and it does minimize the pores(but not as well as silicon base!). It was very juicy... it feel good on my skin. (OMY~  this also contain hyaluronic acid... no wonder it feel so moisture). I applied abit on my under eyes.. it does brighten up the skin!

K-paletteO Teka Oil Control Mat Powder (SD$19.90)
My sister told me she wanna try other brand blot powder(Cos her MAC blot powder almost finishing)

So cute.. I didn't knew that our face will stink? lolx
A tiny review on Skin MD Natural.
At first, I didn't like it! (I don't use it on my face... just on my dry skin- mostly my knees, forearms and feet).. it absorbed very fast, feel really smooth(kinda like a primer) and I don't feel that it was moisturizing at all.. that what I feel after using it for 2weeks... (I keep using it anyway, don't wanna waste it! lolx)
But on the 3rd week...  (I have super dry fore arms.  When touching it..  the feel was kinda like goosebumps type of textures but very dry type) I notice that my forearms become more smoother and the goosebumps kinda flatten abit!! (I have been trying to get rid of that for years!!!!!!)
Now I don't hate it anymore... I love it so much that I bought another one! Heehee!! (I know I shouldn't judge a product too soon!)

Don't come and tempt me!!!!!!