Saturday, April 24, 2010

TAG: The Opposite of a HAUL ....

This was a tag done by Sophia's "The opposite of a HUAL would be... "

As I was cleaning/clearing out the stuff I've finished... I suddenly remember the tag!(lolx)
So here's the stuff I've finished...
mostly skincare/facial stuff and mascaras!
Loreal Hydrafresh instant freshness toning water
Fancl Mild cleansing oil
Beauty Credit Coenzyme Q10 Peeling Gel
Biotherm Biopur SOS moisturizer
Everyday mineral foundation
Sana Natural Resource Moist skincare powder 24h
Lancome uv makeup base ( sample size)
Bodyshop wisewoman eyecream
Clinque moisture surge (sample size)(x2)
Fasio Mascara (Gold tube)
Fasio Mascara (Shock free)
Maybelline cateyes mascara
Majolica Majorca mascara
Oh forgot to include 2 item in the pic: Garnier Aqua Defense moisturizer
Point Rice oil cleanser
I'll tag everyone who read this.
I loved everything I used in the above pics except :
Loreal Hydrafresh instant freshness toning water
Beauty Credit Coenzyme Q10 Peeling Gel

Remember the clear polish that I bought which I wanna try to out the PurseBuzz nude polish.... I finally tried it!
You can check out Pursebuzz or Sara's entry on how to create your own nude polish with mineral foundation.

The texture was too sticky.. lolx.. I guess I mixed abit too much of loose foundation!!! But the color payoff was really creamy and nice~ The finishing texture were really similar to LA Girls Matte polishes (only abit thicker)