Monday, April 26, 2010

Swatches: MUA eyeshadows

OK... as promised, here's the swatches of MUA eyeshadows that I got from the fool's quest's haul.
I put all in this big palette (I stick a huge piece of magnet in the palette)
with stila, inuovi, VOV and SMH eyeshadows
Mineral Matte shadows: Hyacinth, Indigo, Dusk, Sand and Antique White
When I swatches these colors the first time..
I find that Sand and Antique White look really similar to MAC Soba and Brule
the compare swatches
Soba was abit more brown and have satin finishes.
Mineral Matte eyeshadow in Candy
Polychromatic Shadow: Wine frost, Morning Moss, Washed Denim and Lavender Haze

 Let compare Wine Frost to MAC Satin Taupe and Style Snob

 L to R: Style snob, wine frost and satin taupe
Wine frost is more purplish compare to style snob
Satin taupe is more brownish where style snob is more pinkish

Dimensional shadow:: Envy, backstage blue, voodoo and moody blue

Dimensional shadow: Suede
Polychromatic shadow: Chantilly
Dimensional shadow: Deja vous
Polychromatic shadow: Amber Gold
Chantilly look really similar to Inuovi Cosmo
compare swatches

MUA's Dimensional shadow have tiny glitters
Envy, backstage blue and voodoo have silver glitters
Moody blue have blue glitters
Amber gold and suede have gold glitters
I really like MUA shadows.... I'm looking forwards to their new collection!