Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Skin79 Launched + 1 item haul

Went to Orchard yesterday... check out Skin79 at Watsons.

Skin79 just launch at various Watsons(Ngee Ann City, Marina Square, Bugis and Parkway Parade) yesterday.
And today(28 April) Jurong Point. 

Pics taken by miwitch using her cellphone.. I did bring my camera, but I was too chicken to whip it out in the middle of a bright store!!! Hahahhaa.... so Ming to the rescue! lolx

Why, becos my cellphone took horrible pic!!!!!
See... I can't be a spy!! "Shake head" (my pic was blurry and dark!)

OK back to more nice pics taken by Ming's cellphone.

And I got....

Skin79: The Oriental Lifting Eye controller SD26.90 (This was one the Skin79 wish list item! heehee)
Check out the skin79 products/price list  here

I know... I have like so many eyecreams that I'm rotating at the moment (MAC/Bodyshop/Cure Beauty, Lancom.....) But I love trying out eyecreams! lolx (Anyway... we can use eyecream as lip moisturizer... if my eye's lids don't like it... it would go to my lips! Right now.. my lids are loving MAC moisturelush)



For Michelle(icefrost)::

(Pic #2)See the gap?... Just poke the tweezer thru the gap and lift up the thin plastic.
(Pic#5)Then just lift the e/s pan from the pot(the glue wasn't that strong)
Easy right ^__^ 




And I got these 2 cute Giant Lipstick's coin banks for SD$3.90 at Mini toons
(member got additional 15% off)
I got these on Monday at IMM

How big was this.. it's taller then my cleaning water!