Sunday, April 11, 2010

Skin 79 Dinner/Products Previewing Party

I took too much pics that I didn't know where to start! lolx
So... let start with the fun part... the party/dinner (all the products intros and swatches would be in another entry)
The party was held at Essential Brew @ Holland Village
The party was held on the 2nd floor in a private little room at the back of the cafe. (It was really cozy~)
And the products display
So cute and sweet right!
(The huge Gold crown's pendant was the star item of the day! lolx)
After about 20mins of snapping away(We all whip out our camera once we step into the room! lolx), we finally settle down.... received our goodie bag, ordered dinner and presentation begin!
Damien Morot (Chief Operating Officer of StarAsia Singapore) give us a brief intro of their company and follow by Lorraine (Brand Manager of StarAsia Singapore's) talks about the brands, history of Skin79 and products information/pricing.

Endosed by Jolin Tsai
OK... from now onwards.. mostly pics... heehee...
Goodie bag was given before the presentation!
That's Damien... Mag taking pic  to show her friend how "Leng Zai"("Handsome" in cantonese) he is! lolx
Oh, not forgetting the FOODS!
Appetizers... So loving the baby potatoes!
I had Jasmine Caper Salmon
The sauce ontop of the rice.. was really sweet... taste like green tea syrup and the combination was too weird!
But the salmon was YUMMY.. yum yum yum

Now followed by alot of random shots.... heehee
Sara and Clara
Clara showing off her love for OPI suede polish!

Here come the "Star" item of the day!
The Gold Crown

Lolx... I was making everyone around me to do the same pose! Heehee
And Joyce came up with....

The crowds...

Found this fallen balloon behind me.... so....

At one point, almost all products ended up on the floor beside me... So have alot of fun, playing/swatching/taking pics (swatches will be in another entry) and Christy came over and start swatching/taking pics and when she's done...  I saw everythings was nicely arranged ......
My goodies
-Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm Triple Functions SD$36.90
-VIP Gold Super Plus Beblesh Balm SD$36.90
-Mini(sample size) Hot pink super plus beblesh balm triple functions with sweet initial charm
The sample tube come with a lovely charm of our initial! Sweet~
Here's the description for each products
Hot Pink is for Oily / combination skin
VIP Gold is for Dry / combination skin
WOW... finally!! ^___^ Thanks for reading ^_~
Check out Part 2 (On products swatches)
Check out my initial review on the Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm Triple Function
Skin79 will be debut exclusively in Watsons(Singapore) on 26 April 2010