Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Review: K-palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliners

Last week, meet up with Sharon-Brand manager of Japalang Pte Ltd (exclusive local distributor for K-Palette, cure, biyou and Gransenbon). She thanks me for reviewing their Real Lasting brow's liner. (lolx.... )

And she was nice enough to meet me anywhere at my convenience and explained their company, products and website. I have fun chit chatting with her! Sharing tips and online buying experiences. She also shown me some of their other products like eyeshadow palette (which look pretty good to me).

She also gave me these to try out::
  • K-palette 24H Real Lasting Volume Mascara in Jet Black (waterproof)
  • K-palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner- 1 day tatto liquid liner (waterproof- new version)
  • K-palette 24H Real Lasting- 1 day tatto liquid liner (Non waterproof version)
  • 4 packs of Cure Natural Aqua Gel
I tried out everything except the Cure Natural Aque Gel(Which I'm going to try it soon). Heard alot of good reviews on it.

Here the swatches and how the products look like::

This entry I'm going to review on the eyeliners(both normal and waterproof versions)
The 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner: 1 day tattoo liners were::
  • waterproof
  • smudge= proof
  • Micro-fiber brush
  • conditioning formular

Both liners have soft brush tips..
Waterproof version, brush tip was more stiff and it was more intense compare to the normal version.
When I swatched it at the back of my hand... the normal version will bleed into the lines of my skin..
The waterproof version feel more like creamy crayon liners.
But both doesn't bleed when I drew it on my lids.
The Intensity are buildable when layer on for both versions.
Both liners were smudgeproof and waterproof! Well not so much on the normal version...
I once tear so badly that I notice a tiny smudges on the inner corner of my eye(not so bad though).

The weird thing about these liners was that the waterproof version was more easy to remove compare to the non waterproof version!!

I read that the normal version can only be removed by water.. it won't come off clean if using oil cleanser. Indeed I still can see a light greyish line on my lids after I used oil cleanser (but totally clean on waterproof liner)... so I just ran alot of water on my eyes to wash off the liner. lolx

A little test
Using water and oil cleanser
Test 1
Oil cleanser
Pic #2: I soak a Q-tip soak with oil cleanser and rub it around both swatches
(Can see the waterproof version break off abit)

Pic #3 :
I soak up a cotten pad soak with oil cleanser to clean
Waterproof version was totally clean off and I still see greyish lines for the normal version!

Test 2
I just soak up a cotton pad with water and rub it back and fore on both swatches!
The waterproof version come off easily where you still can see a greyish line for the normal version! (I have to run it under running water to wash off the color)

This was so weird right... but when I drew this liners on my lids... the Waterproof version stay on perfectly without smudging for up to 11hrs. Same goes to the normal version... it just fade abit if my lids get oily.

I put the waterproof liner to test on Saturday, I wore it out for Mayday Outdoor concert...  That day it was really sunny and hot in the afternoon (around 1pm) and it rain in around late afternoon (really humid) and the outdoor stadium was crowded and hot!  Reach home around 2am.... Have supper after the concert. (I stay out the whole day from 1pm to 2am)

I prefer the waterproof version for the intense jet black color and the lasting power!

Have been rotating both liners everyday since last Tuesday. Really loving it (I didn't say that cos it was given to me free! I swear, I simple love it! Cross my heart! lolx) 

Available at Watsons and SASA (Singapore)
Available at their offical online store's Beauty Carousel (Same price + free local shipping)
Price :: SD$19.90

Check out K-palette facebook page

No, I didn't chop off my hair... lolx (Just tie up the longer part)

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