Thursday, April 15, 2010

Review: Dejavu Fiberwig mascara in classic wine

I bought this mascara afew weeks ago and yesterday... I couldn't hold it any longer... I opened up and try it! lolx

When I swatched the mascara at SASA.. I was sold!! The color was so vibrant.

I have been wanting to try Fiberwig after reading the comments on my Fave mascaras' entry- 2mths ago.
And when I saw this at Sasa with the "buy one get one free" promo... I have to buy it! heehee
I know getting colored version wasn't the best ideas. lolx
Anyway... When I tried it on.. it does lengthen my lashes.. not so much on volume though.
The color wasn't as vibrant as it was on the spoolie brush.
And I find that it wasn't intense enough to define my lashes (I believe the black one would be awesome!!)

Pic above:
The lashes doesn't look redish/wine-ish(?) enough.
Cannot see any color from a distance. have to look really upclose =(

As a mascara :
Smudge and waterproof (The packaging didn't indicate it as waterproof.)
Lengthening my lashes quite well... Volume wise not much!
(The lengthening effect was way better then Majolica Majorca, covergirl and fasio- cos all this only good at volumise)
Price: SD25.00
You can get this at Watsons, Sasa and John little

Will I buy this mascara again?? Yes, I will in black color.
(I can apply Majolica's lash bone primer for volume and layer this on for lengthening effect!)
But I still have a new one in brown color (from the promo) lolx
The liquid liner was K-palette:: 1 day Tattoo liquid liner (Waterproof version) in Jet Black (review coming soon)