Friday, March 26, 2010

Review: Tsururi Poresara UV Base

Tsururi Poresara UV Base
SPF 26 PA++
Price: SD$17.90 (Watsons)
Japanese product
The lotion is beige in color, but it doesn't have any color/coverage on the skin.
It give a matte finishing (LOVE)
I tried this base for about week.
  •  The texture feel kinda like RMK creamy base (The discontinued version) but it wasn't as thick.
  •  No tiny mica/shimmers
  • Didn't cause any breakout on me (I have combination skin)
  • Doesn't cloged into my pores
  •  Light weight
  • Matte finishing... providing a smooth base for foundation.
  •  Not oily or sticky
  • Oil control average (cos I didn't see any different compare to my usual routine)
  • even out skintone, but doesn't minimize pores really well.
  • Lasting power: Good (Why?)
Becos I didn't feel any different when I using this as compare to RMK creamy base.

My foundation(I use powder mineral foundation) look good thru-out the day.

Basically this is a basic base with SPF.  It's a good and cheaper alternative for RMK creamy base.
If I have to compare both... this Tsururi base is the matte, non shimmery and lighter version of RMK base.  

If you prefer silicon bases.. You can forget about this or RMK bases.

For silicon bases.. I totally recommending Sana PorePutty makeup base
When you squeeze out the product.. it look like the above, dry(non greasy and not messy at all) and it just blend it into your skin. Instantly can see it blur our the pores and skin feel super smooth. This is my fave makeup base... it conceal my huge pores very well and good oil control. Too bad I ran out of this(pics taken ages ago! lolx) Gonna get this once I finished all my bases/primers.