Monday, March 01, 2010

LOTD: Basic- trying out new foundation + browset + mascara

In this LOTD, almost everythings I used were new!
I'm using Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Powder foundation with SPF 20 in Pure Finish 02(Not reviewing this yet.. cos I just start using it!), Majolica Majorca's Lash Bone Black fiber In and Lash Enamel Garmour Volume on and Dariya Palty Brow's mascara in Golden Brown.

This is a better pic of how pinkish my face look
Compare to my body (without the foundation it look even reddish!)
It's not really noticeable.. I just prefer a less pinkish face! lolx
Products I use ::
on my face
-Garnier Sunblock lotion
-RMK creamy base in 00
-Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Powder foundation in Pure Finish 02
-set it layer with silica base loose powder to fill up the missing spot where foundation misses, minimize pores and for oil-control.
-Barry M terracotta blush on cheek.
-MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC 20 (for under eye dark circles)

On my eyes::-MM's Lash Bone Black fiber In (3coats)
-MM's Lash Enamel Garmour Volume on (2costs)
-Dariya Palty Brow mascara in Golden Brown
-Mac Brow shader in Buttery/blonde taupe
(No eye's makeup)
Reviewing of the Majolica Majorca
Lash Bone Black fiber In and Lash Enamel Garmour Volume on
During the MJ's(I'm so used to call Majolica Majorca:: MM lolx) previewing workshop, Laurette(the trainer) told us that we can layered on as many layer of Lash bone black fiber in as we like to create a thicker volume lashes...

OK, so I got greedy and applied "3" layers (It's a huge mistakes!!!!!)
Luckily.. I'm not going somewhere around town areas or places that will have tones of vain girls like me!(I'm just chilling around my neighbourhood and home.. the most only uncles, aunties, primary school students and my doggies will see it... well and the world wide web.. duh~).

It does hold up the curl nicely... and now after 6hrs.. it still look like I just applied! (Not bad.. just don't applied too many coats).

I have Lash Bone Fiber(the older version)... I personally think that both feel the same! (I didn't see extra lengthening compare to the lash bone.. maybe I didn't have enough black fiber on my lashes????) It will make the lashes stick together if applied too many coats.

OK.. here afew shots from different lighting
(Yes.. I'm moving around my home.. from living area - my bedroom - beside the windows and flash/no flash)
Check out the brows too... it's Dariya Palty Brow mascara in Golden brown
Using flash in this pic(below)

I'm going to try the MM mascara without the base tomorrow to see the effect. (I really love the mascara applicator.. can be use on both side(for volume/length) and the top tip for lengthening each lashes without further clumping the lashes together.

Now onto the Dariya Palty Brow mascara... It's really golden, but I still like the effect. It almost look like my hair when I stand under the sun.. blackish brown with gold highlights.

I don't use the brow mascara alone, becos it would be too golden for me. I filled in my brows with MAC brow shader in Buttery/blonde taupe, then brush the brow mascara over and blend it with a clean spoolie. Can see from the above pics.. different lighting and angles the brows look abit different in colors. The shimmers were very subtle. (Not in your face that kind of loudness!)

The brow's mascara wasn't waterproof but it won't bleed unless you rub it real hard with damp finger. It's smudge proof when dry! I feel like trying the light brown one! Heehee.

As for the Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Powder foundation, I quite like the texture, it's very soft and fine.. it doen't look like I have any foundation on my face, it have medium coverage, not cakey or powdery, I didn't see any texture of any kind of powder on my face!).

I only start using it today..  so this is my initial thoughts:: 
Light weight.. I didn't feel like I have any foundation on. I feel nothing but softness and I see no powdery stuff on my face also!!! It look like I didn't apply any foundation! But I still have average coverage for my uneven skintones, fine lines,  but I still can see my old acne scars(which is browish/purpish) but not that dark.

No greasy pore's marks after afew hours, oil control was average, I can see abit of shine on my nose. (But that was ok for me!)

The only down side was.. the shades was abit too pinkish for me (I was swatching like crazy at the EA counter.. Pure finish 01 and 02 almost have the same shade.. but 01 look very sheer, kinda like setting powder. So I opt for the Pure finish 02 (I just wish that they have oilve shade in the range for fair skin)

My face is kinda reddish (not becos of my acne scarring/spots) it's just look pinkish... compare to my whole body! I need abit of green in the foundation to correct my redness face. (I know I can always use a green makeup base.. but I personally feel that using olive tone foundation works the best for me!)

The foundation brush :: it was so soft, I LOVE it.. but for applying foundation, I prefer using a dense brush(Like everday mineral flat top brush) ... The EA brush was too fluffy... even though it pack the foundation on nicely.. but it was abit messy becos I have foundation all over my top and hair! lolx

Elizabeth Arden Mineral Foundation was sent to me from Elizabeth Arden Singapore.
Majolica Majorca products were given to me during their previewing workshop.
For the rest of the products used and "Dariya palty brow mascara" I purchased with my own $$$$