Monday, March 01, 2010

Haul: Cheap buy at Chinatown

Yesterday(Saturday  27th Feb 2010), meet up with Kas and Amy to check out Dragon D'or.  (Becos Kas have been lemming on the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque!).  I didn't buy alot of stuff, cos I wasn't planned on spending... heehee.. just went along to check out the store and maybe found some great buy! And I did ^__^

1) Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque (SD$13.90)
Didn't want to get this, cos Amy told me it was quite strong and it contain MINT (can see it on the tube)... but when I was looking at the ingredients, it doesn't contain mint at all (or it's the chemical name that I donno????) Anyway, I won't use this on my whole face.. just on my nose, chin or acne)
I tried it on my chin just now(after showered), I have a painful lump on my chin when I woke up today =(  

A tiny burning sensation when I just applied.. but it was gone after 10secs (So it ok for me ^__^), after 15mins... the lump was still there(I know it's not miracle product.. I just love to dream! lolx), redness reduce abit and my chin feel really soft (likey) I have to try it on my dirty nose next time!

2)MAC blot powder in Medium dark (SD$36)
My sis ask me to get it for her (both my sisters are using MAC blot powder)

3)Dariya Palty Brow's mascara(I blogged about it yesterday!) (SD$15+)

5) Dior mini quint (sample?) SD$6.00
So tiny! lolx

5) Another kabuki brush from IVY cosmetics (SD$9.90)
It's even bigger then the blue one I got previously!!! LOVE IT <3
Compare with the blush long handle kabuki
(Pardon my dirty blue kabuki! Going to deep clean it later)
Kas gave us some sample! I choose the Lioele water drop bbcream ^__^
Thats all!!!

Address of the stores::
Dragon D'Or :: Blk 32, People Park Market(The old people park complex) #03-1126 
(Tel: 65352005 / 65351722)
It at the hawker maket between OG and People Park Complex (infront of the MRT's escalator) (Famous for selling cloth)

Ivy cosmetics :: 
I didn't have the full address..
It's located at level 2 of People Park Centre(connected to OG) just beside Mix & Match

((Edit)) If you don't understand the map from "miwitch" comment(below)
I drew a simple map! lolx (The MRT is Chinatown station)

Went to Watson sale just now! Nothing much to see also! Majolica Majorca is having 20% (mostly old collections) and 30% off on Lash Gorgeous wing mascara.