Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Testing Press-on eyes shadow - Chi Chi Eye Magic Instant Eye Shadow

Remember this Instant eyeshadow I got from the swap?
Today, I'm going to test this Chi Chi Eye Magic Instant Eye Shadow and see how this work on the "skin"

6 pairs in a pack
Some of the shadows were stick on the packaging seal =(
My sister.. she's also tried on apair and the same thing happened!
The shadows stick on the packaging seal also!!!!
My sis also try a pair and it fail too!!
She try to take a pic.. but it turn out all so blurry~ lolx
even though the pic was blur.. you still can see that it wasn't even at all!
OK.. so I try to blend it...
Color wise: I do love the smooth eyeshadows... it has a very pretty sheen (If they have it in eyeshadow pan) I will buy it.

As for instant part
: It FAIL big time! I do not recommend this for anyone...  it doesn't help at all! 

Some of the shadows were transfered over to the packaging seal resulting in missing spots!
If it wasn't for the packaging, this instant eyeshadow was very easy to apply... 

just put on the lid ... press ... take out. ... wah la~ instand eyeshadow makeup!

They should have leave some emtpy spaces between the sponge applicator(the shadow's pad) and the seal.. cos it's a transfer over eyeshadow, it sure will get transfered no matter what surface it touches right? "Shake head"