Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mini Swap

My mini swap with Sara (icyabstract).
After knowing that she was so temtped to get Lush's solid perfume in Vanilliary. I PM her... cos I personally don't really fancy it (it was too sweet... I love Jasmine and vanilla.. but with them together it was just too much for me! lolx)... so one thing led to another... we decided to swap ^__^
So here's the stuff she sent me ^__^ I totally love her choice!!!

She remember the stuff I like ^___^ The MM green polish was so beautiful!!!
Etude house primer(I have planned to order this thru Ling's website-You won't know how thrill I was when I see it! heehee)

Lush soap - Miranda sample (love the kiwi, orangey scent...) and 2 bbcream samples 

I can't wait to try out the Etude house eye primer.... Oh and a collective haul entry coming up soon (Yes, have been doing some online shopping! lolx)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

MAC Haul: Give Me Liberty of London

I bought::
->  Prim & Proper blush (Spree from Michelle) SD$35 (I got it around SD$29++ from spree)
->  Ever Hip lipstick (MAC counter) SD$28
->  Free to be eyeshadow (MAC counter) SD$26

I also got the MAC Fast Response Eye cream (SD$56)
Not going to use it soon.. cos the day before my sis got me a korean brand eyecream.
(trying that first ^__^)
OK let's compare Prim & Proper with Personal style (L to R)

when collecting the Blush from Michella...  saw Sophia(recognized your gf) and Kas. Thanks Michelle for holding the spree (Hugs). 
Check out Tang's MAC counter with Kas and bump into Sarah(when we were busying deco our hands with the LOL products.).  I didn't plan to get any lip's product.. but when I was swatching it... Ever hip caught my eyes and you know the rest- it came home with me. kekeke ;p

Next would be the eyecream my sis got for me the day before
Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant Eyecream (SD$19.90 @ Watsons)
Use it yesterday and this morning before heading out for a haircut... So far so good! It's moisturizing.

LOTD: Fresh Scandalous

Playing with the SMH (Star makeup Haven) eyeshadows I got recently~ Yes... another "Green" eye makeup look.

Products used:
On the face::

- Lancome UV Expert Neuroshield Makeup Base (SPF50 PA+++)
Everyday minerials foundation in Light almond
- Bourjois Healthy Mix correcting concealer in #52 (brighten undereye's dark circle)
- MAC Ripe Peach blush ombres (Using the lightest shade lightly for the nice peachy sheen)
- Silica powder
On the eyes::

A tiny swatches on Star Makeup Heaven eyeshadows
- MAC Paintery Paintpot as base
- Stage Waterproof eyeliner pencil in 07 Teal Theater on the lids
- SMH Fresh (Green shadow) on top of the teal liner
- SMH Scandalous (Blue-ish teal) on the outer corner (blend well)
- MAC carbon on the outer "V" (darken the Scandalous)
- MAC soba on the crease
- MAC Brule and MAC Crystal Avalanche for highlight
- On the brows.. K palette 24hrs tattoo brow's liner(shade 01) to fill up my brows
- Maquillage Brow's wax #77
- MAC blacktrack Fluidline (liners)
- Urban Decay 24/7 liner for waterline/tightline and lower lash line(smudge it with SMH fresh)
- Majolica Majorca Lash bone (Primer)
- Majolica Majorca's Lash Enamel Garmour Volume on

Without Flash (standing infront of the infront of the windows)

My signature look... (lolx... the "peace" sign)

A little funny one (check out buibui's expression! lolx)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Review: Tsururi Poresara UV Base

Tsururi Poresara UV Base
SPF 26 PA++
Price: SD$17.90 (Watsons)
Japanese product
The lotion is beige in color, but it doesn't have any color/coverage on the skin.
It give a matte finishing (LOVE)
I tried this base for about week.
  •  The texture feel kinda like RMK creamy base (The discontinued version) but it wasn't as thick.
  •  No tiny mica/shimmers
  • Didn't cause any breakout on me (I have combination skin)
  • Doesn't cloged into my pores
  •  Light weight
  • Matte finishing... providing a smooth base for foundation.
  •  Not oily or sticky
  • Oil control average (cos I didn't see any different compare to my usual routine)
  • even out skintone, but doesn't minimize pores really well.
  • Lasting power: Good (Why?)
Becos I didn't feel any different when I using this as compare to RMK creamy base.

My foundation(I use powder mineral foundation) look good thru-out the day.

Basically this is a basic base with SPF.  It's a good and cheaper alternative for RMK creamy base.
If I have to compare both... this Tsururi base is the matte, non shimmery and lighter version of RMK base.  

If you prefer silicon bases.. You can forget about this or RMK bases.

For silicon bases.. I totally recommending Sana PorePutty makeup base
When you squeeze out the product.. it look like the above, dry(non greasy and not messy at all) and it just blend it into your skin. Instantly can see it blur our the pores and skin feel super smooth. This is my fave makeup base... it conceal my huge pores very well and good oil control. Too bad I ran out of this(pics taken ages ago! lolx) Gonna get this once I finished all my bases/primers.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

LOTD: Bermuda Fantasy

Lolx... (I'm using MUA Bermuda and fantasy e/s)

Products Used

(ON my face:)
-ZA True White Day Protector Sunscreen SPF26 PA++
-Bourjois Healty Mix Correcting concealer in #52
(I use a thin layer all over my t-zone as primer)
-Anna Sui Protective Powder Foundation L in B02(it was abit dark and yellowish on me)
-Barry M in Apricot
(On my eyes:)-TFSI (primer)
-Urban Decay underland on the whole lid
-MUA Bermuda on lid and blend out
-MUA Fantasy on outer C blend into the crease
-MAC Soba on crease
-MAC Brule and MAC Crystal Avalanche for highlight
-Urban Decay 24/7 Zero as liner and smudge it with MAC carbon
-Majolica Majorca's Lash bone (primer)
-Majolica Majorca's Lash Enamel Garmour Volume on
-K palette 24hrs tattoo brow's liner(shade 01) to fill up my brows
-comb it with Maquillage Brow Wax #77
-Anna Sui Lip Rouge G #700 On my lips
Products in Blue were provided by the company(which I blogged about before)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

LOTD: Underland Purple

I wore this look last Sat(for the MUA+Chinatown outing/meetup).. this is the recreated version(cos I forgot to snap pics of the look)
I used different face products on sat-I used edm foundation/RMK Creamy base in 01/EL foundation as undereye concealer)
A very simple LOTD ^__^

Products I used::

(ON my face:)
-ZA True White Day Protector Sunscreen SPF26 PA++
-Bourjois Healty Mix Correcting concealer in #52
(I use a thin layer all over my t-zone as primer)
-Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Powder foundation in Pure Finish 02
-set it with silica base loose powder (For the smooth/poreless effect and oil control)
(You can skip these step becos it's not really a MUST do step)
-MAC Springshine Blush Ombre on cheeks

(On my eyes:)

-MAC paintery paintpot(Base)
-Urban Decay underland on the whole lid
-MAC soba on crease(blend out/up) as transition color
-MAC Brule and MAC Crystal Avalanche for highlight
-Urban Decay Underland on outer lower lash line
-Urban Decay Muchness on inner lower lash line
-Urban Decay 24/7 Zero as liner and smudge it with Underland
-Majolica Majorca's Lash bone (primer)
-Majolica Majorca's Lash Enamel Garmour Volume on
-K palette 24hrs tattoo brow's liner(shade 01) to fill up my brows
-comb it with Maquillage Brow Wax #77 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random haul

This afternoon went to see "Alice in the wonderland"(non 3D version) with my sister(Ariya) and it make me fall in love with Johnny Depp all over again! lolx (Well.. I fall in love with him everytimes I see his new movie.kekekee)

I met Johnny Depp once at Planet Hollywood Restaurant in Singapore and I didn't wash the hand that he shoke for a month!! (Nah~ just kidding) 

OK...back to the haul!
I do alittle shopping with my sister around ViVo and Ion (some of the stuff belong to her!)

At Sasa, My sister got 3 boxes of faux lashes(for her dolls) SD$3.90 each
3 nail polishes (SD$4 each)
And I got the Fiberwig in Classic Wine shade(I saw this feathering in a Hongkong mag!)
Free Fiberwig mascars with any purchase of Fiberwig mascara!
(I got the golden brown one) (SD$25) 

Burt's bee shampoo from Sephora and The BodyShop Wisewoman eyecream
I have been searching for TBS eyecream for almost aweek now(OOS at most outlets!)
(Have been using MAC eyecream since I ran out of it!)  

At Etude House (My sister love their skincare products)
Moistfull Collagen Emulsion SD$34.90
Moistfull Collagen Essence SD$43.90
Free 3 pack of Moistfull collagen samples(toner/emulsion), a bb cream sample

On the back of the Emulsion bottle.. there this little pop out dots(Kinda like those writing for blinds)
Interesting right? I really have no idea what it was meant for other than that!

And check out the characters from Zoo Keeper!
She want to collect the whole set... but half way thru.. the capsule's machine got JAMMED!!
(Still short of 5 or 6 characters) 

The products I mention below...are just lemming ^___^
I didn't purchase any of it!
At VIVO tang... I passes by Shu uemura counter....
And my fingers just go straight over to the blushes!!!
Remember Kas entry on Shu's blushes?
I swatched the one on the left(the 1st arrows) and the one on top of #2
I really like the orange one!!! Argggg... I shouldn't swatched it!

I also try the UV under base mousse and OMY! I LOVE IT!!!!!
Not oily or sticky at all! The texture was totally like those hair mousse..
but it spread evenly, and smooth over the back of my hand
Very nice!! I LOVE it!!!
(I still have RMK base to finish first!!) -_-" 
OK... that's all!! I should stop checking out new products! lolx (My lemming list is getting longer and longer!)