Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review on L'Oreal Paris Renewal Lash Serum

(excuse my chipped nails)
The applicator wand... which is very soft and bendable

From Loreal Paris UK::
The Renewal Lash Serum has an intensive formula enriched with Arginine and Centella. Lashes feel fortified and nourished.  The professional applicator is designed with a rounded end to treat the lash line whilst the curved edge is tailored to coat the length of the lashes from root to tip.  Clinically Tested

It's stated that using it for 28days ... Lashes will become more abundant, stronger, fuller and less lash loss during makeup removal.
Take a look at my before and after pics

(Excuse my stray brows!!!)
My review::I didn't use it twice aday, I use it at night after shower(almost everyday) But on some lazy days, I forgot to use it!! (heehee)

From the pics::
you can see that my lashes become abit fuller/thicker...
On some parts.. the lashes does growth abit..
BUT, I do not know it was becos of the serum or by natural! lolx
(Our lashes do growth every month right. lolx)

I do feel that my lashes become more fuller, thicker and stronger! (Me likey)
I didn't lost my lashes in the shower often (Which is good)
becos I always notice that I will lost about 1/2 lashes each time in the shower!

A tiny note: My eye lids felt abit itchy when the serum touches my lids.
So be more careful when applying the serum to your lashes

This is totally not advised... Do not follow what I did... if you do, I'm not responsible for it.I applyed some of the serum on the tail of my eyebrows.. cos I want to grow some hair in that areas! But after applying for a few days! The area of my brows broke out with tiny painful pinky lumps!  =(   The serum was abit too rich/strong for the skin! lolx

I do love this product!!
Becos it make my lashes become thicker and stronger...
That was good enough for me!
With good foundation of the lashes.. it will grow longer eventually!

I never use any Lash serum product before.. so I cannot compare/judge (I leave the judging to you all ^__^)

Price: SD$28.90
You can get this at Watsons, John Little and all major store that selling Loreal Products.

Oops, I forgot to mention that this lash serum can be use as mascara base. I personally haven't tried using it that way... so I can't review on it.