Friday, February 05, 2010

My 2010 January Fave

These are the stuff that I reached for most of the time in the month of Jan!

1) Garnier Aqua Defense Non stop moisturizer Gel (SD$14.90)
(I so loving this!!! It make my face feel really soft)
2) LA Girl Matte nail polish in Orange(SD$9) (i'm loving all the matte polish!!! But I tend to reach for this color more!)
3) MAC Clear brow set!(SD$25) (Loving it... it make my messy brows look neat without adding on colors)
4) Majolica Majorca Lash bone(SD$24.90 or $25.90) (Lash primer)
5) Loreal liquid liner (I got this from Sophia's giveaways)
6)DHC Acne Spot therapy (SD$29.90)
7)RMK creamy polished base (SD$58) I love how smooth it make my face feel!!!!
8)MAC Studio Finish concealer in NC20(SD$25?)
9)Barry M terracotta blush(£4.50)
10) LA Girl Blush in Subtle (SD$15.00)
11)Maquillage gold gel liner in GD855) (Got it on shisedo sale SD$12)
12)Eyeshadows (MAC-SD$26/ Cyber color SD$18.90)

I'm loving nude blushes alot for these couple of months!!!!! I'm loving matte blushes alot also!!!
Ok.. you all must be wondering whether that MAC personal Style look any similar to the 2 nude blushes that I have. Well...

Personal style is more nude!!! Where Barry M terracotte are more towards rosy nude (I'm so not good at describing colors!!! lolx).
With flash
Without flash