Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mascara - What's your fave?

Well.. I believe everyone love using mascara, right? No?
Which type of mascara is your fave? Volume-boosting, lengthening, curls, washable or waterproof?? Colors??
I personally love Waterproof mascara that can lengthen, thicken and darken my lashes.

And my all times fave brands will be 1) Fasio
2) Majolica Majorca
3) Covergirl lashblast (Recently just fall in love with this)

Colors:: I prefer Black, blue or black browns.
I have thick, stubbon and oily lashes... so I need a dry finishing(which is why I choose waterproof) and lightweight mascara. I don't want to weight down my lashes after I curls it.. it's just make my eyes look small and NOT NICE! lolx

If you have used the above brands that I mention before and came across other brands that have similar texture do share with me dear!!!  I love trying out mascara ^__^
OK... here are some of the mascara lemming....This year, Fasio and Majolica Majorca have released their new mascaras!!!!

The latest Fasio's The 10th anniversary collection haven't release in Singapore Yet!
Right now.. Fasio Singapore still promoting the Fasio Lash Bloom Creator: Buttefly lashes (Which I already owned)

The latest Fasio's CF was too cute.. with Jun Mstsumoto(My Xiaomei fave actor! lolx)
Majolica Majorca Chapter 26(She was a doll collection) have already been out according to Mag and Iris blogs
In this new collection, they have Lashbone in black!!!!! (I can't wait to check them out!!!)
Do you all have a fave?? Let share in this entry ^__^