Saturday, February 06, 2010

Elizabeth Arden White Glove Extreme

A few bloggers and I(Well I'm a bloger too! lolx) were invited to the Elizabeth Arden White Glove Extreme Pre-sampling at Taka's Coppenhagen yesterday(05 Feb 2010). 

We meet at the Taka counter first to check out their collections!  It's a good time to touch touch and play play with the products and the BAs won't keep eyeballing us ^__^ hee hee hee...

Celine Chambat showing us the latest Mineral makeup collection!! I was lemming on this mineral foundation since I read about it on Facebook EA fanpage and Diana reviews make me wanna try it even more!!!! 

The tiny brush that come with it are super cute.. it can be flip open and keep it inside the powder casing!!! (Very interesting and non messy!!!!)

Check me out!! Me and my flat hair =( 

Some random cute shots!

Elizabeth Arden White Glove Extreme was the advances version of their previous whitening regimen... Which will be launch in March 2010.

The white glove extreme regimen contains a potent combination of whitening and skin-perfecting ingredients that will optimize skin conditions.. skin will feel smooth, firm and fade away fine lines.

They enhance the regimen with a rare and unique Marine Mineral Extract that harnesses powerful defense mechanisms that will leave our skin looking brighter and radiants.

The testers for us to try try... 

The Goodie bag

(breaking down the stuff we have in the bag)
(Full size)Brightening Pore Refining gel
(Full size)Skin Brightening Overnight Capsules.(Star product!!)

(Sample Size) Clarifying Foam Cleanser

(Sample Size) Gentle Brightening Lotion
(Sample tube) Skin Brightening Day Essence
(Sample size) Daily Moisture Brightening Cream

(Sample tube) Brightening Eye moisture Cream

(Sample tube) Brightening UC protector SPF 50 PA++

Check out their website if you wanna know more or comment below if you having any questions ^__^

I'm super excited to try the Brightening UC protector SPF 50 PA++ (they gave us a sample tube.. bummer that it was such a small tube) and the Brightening Pore Refining gel. 

As most of you know that I have been wanting to try pore minimizer products! (EA wasn't in my list.. becos I didn't know they have it!! And I also never tried any EA products before.. so now is a good time to start! lolx).

Oh, and not forgetting the star product::::  Skin Brightening Overnight Capsules!!!!

I love using eye creams (I can forget about the rest of the facial stuff BUT not EYECREAM!!)... I need one that have calming soothing effect, cos my eye lids are abit sensitive and itchy when it's dry! 

So far the best I came across was The Bodyshop Wisewoman eyecream!

And when I read about the intro of the EA Brightening Eye Moisture Cream... I felt really excited!!! 

Go stalk EA counters if you're interested!

I'm going to start using the products today and do a small review after a week on how I feel about it and another one after a month! (hopefully my skin will become more radiant ^___^ and not breaking out!!!!!)

I wanna thanks Pearlin and Celine Chambat(Regional Marketing Manager of EA) for inviting us and introducing/explaining the wonderful products to us... the products sound and feel wonderfully(when I try it out on the back of my hands and arms.. lolx)... I wonder whether it will work on me!!! (Keeping my fingers crossed!!)

Thanks for reading <3