Sunday, February 21, 2010

Concealer or Corrector for Under eye's dark circles?

OK.. I have been thinking about getting a peach tone concealer/corrector for my undereye dark circle and I have been lemming on MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer(It's not only conceal, it also lighten the pigmentation!)
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer (SD$30+?)

I didn't tried alot of concealer/correctors before, becos I was so lazy to use them...  But as I'm getting older the need of wanting to use has become stronger! lolx

I have tried :::(( In blue highlight = Fave ))
(Cream) Benefit Boi~ing, Makeup Shop, Naturactor, The Balm and MAC Studio Finish.
(Liquid) Loreal match
(Mineral) Everyday Mineral and The All Natural Face(from esty)
I really really love the Everday mineral's peach corrector for my inner eyebag (cos that was the darkest areas), good concealing powerll! BUT, becos it's a powder form.. it was too drying for me!!! Enhanced my fine lines really well =(

I remember Sara told me that Bobbi brown have some great corrector in peach tone! And they have a wide shades to choose from!
Bobbi Brown Corrector (PriceUSD$22/SD$40+)

So My questions::1)Do you prefer concealer or corrector?
2)What's your fave brands and why?

I will most properly get the Studio Sculpt Concealer, becos I have been wanting to try it.
(Just for the sake of having it! lolx)
Do share with me your fave ^__^