Sunday, February 28, 2010

Swatches :: Urban Decay Disney Alice In Wonderland

OK... this morning, I finally do a swatches on all the color in UD Alice palette!

And seriously, I thought "Alice" was a teal shade!!!  It look like blue on the pan and when I swatched it at Sephora, it look teal (with abit of greenish tone in it!) I blame it to the yellowish dim light!! They displayed the "book of shadow"  beside the entrance of the Ngee Ann City outlet and it was so dime (not a tiny spot light at the shelving!)

I even told Kas the teal shade was really pretty~ duh!! I feel so silly now!!! lolx
Anyway.. the blue still look very pretty!!! Just abit disappointed becos it's one of the 3 colors that make me want to get this "book of shadows"!!!! (If I wanna create back the pretty teal.. I need to add green or yellow? Suppose to add green right.. but it's the yellowish dim light at Sephora make the blue look teal! lolx)
Let's see...
Hmm... it become too greenish! Maybe not this yellow or green! lolx
OK here the swatches::

Top Row(From left to Right)-Underland (Flash)
(this wasn't matte at all! shade head "What happened to my eyes!!!!)
-Alice (painkiller)
-Oraculum (Baked)
-Queen (last call)

2nd Row(Left to right)-Chessur (Chopper)
-White rabbit (Polyester bride)
-Wonderland (maui wowie)
Curiouser (grifter)
Top Row (Left to right)-Muchness ((X)
-Mushroom (Mushroom)
-Midnight Tea Party (midnight cowboy rides again)
-Vorpal (S&M)
2nd row (Left to right)-Absolem (Homegrown)
-Drink me, eat me (Sin)
-Mad Hatter (Twice Baked)
-Jabberwocky (oil stick)
I didn't swatch this (I,don't feel like using this yet)
It's a black base with tiny silver shimmers

Haul: Dariya Palty Brow's mascara!

Remember the lemming entry about Dariya Palty brow's mascara, I've blogged about couple weeks ago?
 The link from the Taiwanese's blogger was meant for wholesales... so I bought it from ebay (from a Taiwanese seller that my friend's Ming purchased before, to play safe.)

The tiny spoolie!
(Compare swatches with MAC on paper towel)
When I swatched it on paper, I notice that MAC browset also have abit of shimmers but very subtle

(compare the spoolie with MAC browset)

I got the Golden brown, (USD$5.24+ USD$5.24shipping) cos from the Taiwanese blogger (矮靈).. she said that the light brown was reddish brown... Anyway, I can't wait to try it!

I got this brow mascara from singing_pierre_shop (ebay seller from Taiwan)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Majolica Majorca Chapter 26 products preview workshop

I was pretty excited about this workshop becos I have been lemming on the mascara and the new black fiber lash bone! I'm not going to do any reviewing in this entry (meaning it gonna be another mostly properly a LOTD + reviewing entry)

This workshop was for us to preview the new chapter 26 "She was a doll" consist of 7 new products (but as alot of you knew that some of the products were already out in Watson last week). The rest of the collection including the new fomular foundation will be releasing in April 2010.

OK.. now ... pics time ^__^
The goodie bag (was indeed goodie, cos it got 2 of my lemming stuff in it ^__^)

The whole collection for Chapter 26

The workshop was to intro us the New Majolica Majorca Chapter 26 collection which consist of 7 products.
2 new eyeshadow palettes (SD$27.50 each)

 The New Mascara
Lash Enamel Garmour Volume on (SD$25.90)
This advanced mascara not only lengthen it also provide volume!
With a new round shape double side combs

Lash Bone Black fiber In (SD$24.50)
A new version of the old lash bone(which I love)
This one have black fiber in clear base gel
(Which look like tiny hairs... eee.. I haven't tried it yet! No worries, I going to soon!)
For just last year (2009) 1.5 million of Majolica Majorca were SOLD!!!

This is totally NEW Skin Lingerie Pore cover SD$20.90
I was too busy playing testing it, I forgot to take a pic of the texture.
It look like bbcream! lolx (beige color)
I think I will want to try this (when I finished my RMK base)

It'a a makeup base that will covers pores and even out your skin colors/texture. I quite like it... when I tried it on my chin yesterday.(Yes, heehee.. I only removed my chin makeup..  and it's already made me feel so naked! "Shake head") I don't think it conceal the discoloration well.. but I like how it feel on my skin... very smooth! A good base for foundation ^__^ (I use mineral foundation.. just a little side note) Some of the girls felt that it was kinda thick! Hmm... And there's someone to prove it at the workshop.. Ghost face("ahem we knew can liao" lolx)

Skin remaker pore cover (4shades SD$29.50each)
The new fomular foundation (Would be out in April 2010)
SPF 18 PA (case sold seperately)

The new limited edition casing! (SD$12.90)
Pretty cute (Release in April)

They have tons of makeup from their pass collection for us to try...
and seriouly, I never pay any attention to their brow customize before!!!!
And now I have a new lemming!
I wanna get the brows crayon(is that wat it's called?) sword cut tip
The holder and the tips(either crayon or powder applicator each cost SD$9.10)
Meaning, if I want 2 tips (powder and crayon)
I need to buy 3 as the holder (which including a brush head) sold separately.
This is the sword tip! The color won't show up much on the back of our hand..
It show up nicely on my  brows.. I want to get this shade (the one in the pic below) BR771

OK, I pretty much cover up everything about this workshop! lolx
So ... now pics time ^__^

Diana was joking about how tiny the blush brush was!
Pearlin and me
(I concealed for you... "You know what I means" lolx)
Wiwit!! She is so pretty la <3
The goodie bag
After the workshop, Dyan pass me the SMH eyeshadows
And Amy gave me a tube of Chaarming cat mascara that she raved about ^__^
Thanks Babe!
WOW... a long post isn't it! lolx...
Check out the rest of the pics on facebook

Thanks Pearlin and Shisedo's Majolica Majorca for the invitation!
I love the interactive type of workshop... it's fun cos I can play with all the products!

Urban Decay Disney Alice In Wonderland haul

I bought the Urban Decay Disney Alice In Wonderland book of shadows.

I was not into this palette and never thought of getting it! BUT..... when I walk around Ngee Ann City (was too early for the Majolica Majorca's workshop at the Shiseido office) and passes by Sephora.
So when I saw the book of shadows at the glass shelving beside the entrance.... I swatched it! (I told myself that If I like 3 colors in this palette then I buy it....) before I knew, I told the SA I want one!  There's the lame story...... "shake head"
No more buying new eyeshadows for now (I donno about next month.. lolx)
The palette was cute... but it was so huge!! For now, I don't find it troublesome.. cos it's new... I donno what I would think after afew months! lolx

I show it to my sis and she love the pop up and comment that it should have some music, like a musical box! lolx I don't think it will cost SD$88 anymore if they add music in it!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

My contest+giveaway ends on 5 March (extended!)

Yes, I knew that February was a busy month for alot of you(including myself).. so I extended the dateline ^__^

Do join in the fun!!! Create a GOLD look!!!


Check out contest + giveaway informations =>> here
Check out the wonderful prizes you can win =>> here
Check out my simple LOTD base on this contest ->> here

Saw this wonderful look of GOLD!
(Found in Cleo magazine)

Same eye look, different lip colors! And check out the cheek color!!!!

Come join in the contest...  8 more days till it ends!