Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Photo Tag <3

I was tagged by Sophia(retail_therapy) with an interesting photo tag!!!

The rules:
1) open your 1st photo folder in "My Pictures"
2) scroll to the 10th photo
3) post that photo on your site and write about the story behind it
4) state who you got the tag from on your post
5) then tag 6 blogs

I don't have any pics folders in "My picture"... so I just open my external hardisk... Photographs folder ^__^
Same as Sophia, the first folders was my momo pics folder "sad" so I just open the next folders which is my family folder.

I skip all pics of my parents, sisters, nonsenses, doggies and just count those pics that have me in it... and the #10 one is this::

From left to right: Me, Ariya(2nd sis) and Nanda(younger sis)

Taken in May 2007 at Genting Hotel with my sisters.. it's our last day at Genting before checking out! And while waiting for my sister's friend to get ready... we took alot of random pics in my room(I share a room with my 2nd sister and my younger sister share a room with her friend... I'm the eldest)

Ok.. I have to tag 6 other bloggers(I tried not to tag those that was tagged by Sophia and Sara....
1) Kimoko
2) Fiend
3) Jasmine (Xbeanie)
4) Honey (honeyxkaori)
5) maddymadeline
6) Joyce (forensia)

And I also tag those who wanna to do this fun tag ^__^