Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pore minimizing skincares

I have been thinking about getting a new pore minimizing essence or moisturizer ...
but I donno which is good...

Here are some of the brands that I'm been thinking about trying it...

Biotherm Biopur Pore reducer (Read alot of reviews... some good some bad!)
I only came across these few pore minimizing range...
Anyone tried any good one that wasn't too oily on combination skin?
I've tried Clinique-  love how it make my skin feel soft and matte, but it doesn't do much minimizing on my pores =(
And Rojukiss pore tightening source- too oily for me and causing break out!!

Review: Soap n Sorbet Passionfruit Lime Sugar Souffle Moisturizing body scrub

I won this product from Makeupstash giveaways contest last month.
Passionfruit Lime Sugar Souffle Moisturizing body scrub
Let see the texture

When I just tear open the seal... the smell was so heavenly wonderful! Very refreshing and sweet.

The texture was like when you mix sugar with oil and water... very moist! But it's feel abit harsh compare to mirco beads scrubs or Facial sugar scrub! It's sugar, if you never tried any sugar scrubs before..... well, just try mxing some sugar with oil and rub it on your skin, if you like it.. then you will love the texture of this!

This scrubs were oily compare to alot of wash off body scrubs.. but at the same time very moisturizing! It's didn't form up nor the sugar melt off (I think it's dissolved abit!)! My skin feel really soft and moist after using it! BUT... it's abit too greasy for my liking! (After I scrub... I still use my shower foam to wash off the oil, but it doesn't effect the moisturizing factor at all!)

I have combination skin.. so was my body... so I think this is a super good scrub for my feet! (It scrub off the hard dead skins around my sole and keep my feet moist and soft ^__^)

I copy this from the website::whipped technique is used so the consistency will never change, no oily mess & no re-mixing! This natural body scrub is made with coconut oil which absorbs quickly and easily into your skin, leaving it moisturized and protected without feeling greasy. Pure cane sugar crystals exfoliate dead skin cells while sweet almond and vitamin-e oils condition, moisturize, and smooth you to perfection! 16oz. USA.

Fragrance: Love citrus scents?  This Hawaiian inspired aroma was one of the first LaLicious fragrances introduced and has made a lasting impression on Hollywood’s VIPs.

To use: Before getting out of the shower, scrub all over your body and rinse. Get out of the shower, pat yourself dry and go! No need for lotion after use. Gentle enough to use every day.

Tips: To shave, rinse the sugar crystals away and you get the closet shave ever! To keep this product looking and smelling its best, keep the lid on tight and store at room temperature.
Right now Soap n Sorbet are having 10% discount (end tomorrow)
Price SD$60 Full size or SD$10 travel size(mine was the travel size)

haul: Biotherm + Coastal scents

Today(Friday 29 Jan) I received the Coastal scents stuff that I ordered on 20th Jan.
I ordered 2 brush guard packs (USD$4.95each).. and there's some brushes which belong to Sara and Amy.

Nicely wrapped <3

I bought the Biotherm Biosource Hydra-mineral cleanser purifying mousse (For oily skin)
I tried it just now.. OH BOY.. I love the mousse.. very formy/creamy.. my face have a very clean feel!!! 
when I pat dry my face.. it feel so matte!
(I still donno whether this will be too drying for me... need to use a few more times!)

Went to Wheelock with xiaomei(younger sis), cos she wanna check out Dollz Inc and their release of the lastest LE doll. (They have a weird system.. sometimes they do pre-orders... sometimes they just ask for your name and book the doll! lolx)  This time, only need to leave name- book one doll (not pre-order!)  Oh and she also bought the Babies Basics collection!!!! She got 2 barbies (This collection have 12 dolls)...  She say she want all O,O!

(I'll wait till she open the box...then pic )

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nails: Feeling Purple!

I think this week I'm into purples...  So I paint my nails in purple too!

I really love the LA Girl's matte polishes!!! I feel like trying OPI suede Polish!!
(Ok.. I need to do some online shopping now... lolx)

Review: DHC Acne Spot Therapy

Got this treatment cream for about a month now and have been using it every night. So far this little tube of wonder never fail me  <3 

I like it.. even those it took abit longer to heal the acne!
About 3 days to a week to heal a huge acne.
What I love about this was that it heal the scar as well!!
Totally no left over red spot mark!!!
I wonder will it heal my old acne scars/marks?!?!?!?!?
I don't mine that it took abit longer to heal, cos it will leave me with no scar/spot after a week or so which normally took months to fade!

Anyway, I don't advise to keep using this cream on the same spot for more then a week..
I find that it make that area of the skin abit dry but not flakey type.
Stop using it on the same spot for a day, let it rest and use it the next day.

I will keep buying until I came across a much better one in future!

What causes acne scars?? To repair the damage done to the dermis, the skin forms new collagen fibers. Collagen is the fibrous protein that gives the skin its strength and flexibility. As the wound heals, the body sometimes produces too much collagen, which creates a mass of raised tissue on the skin's surface. This type of scarring is called hypertrophic, or keloid, scarring/acne scar. 


Scar Prevention
To lessen the chance of scarring, try to reduce inflammatory breakouts as much as possible. 
[read more]

How I treat my acneDo keep in mind that not everyone treat acne the same way.. this is just the way that work on me!
When I have huge acne scars that feel abit painful.. I love to soak up a cotton pack with Biotherm SOS exfoliante lotion and mask it. (Cos I find that it will calm the acne and the redness will reduce abit) After that I apply DHC acne spot therapy to prevent futher infection.

I also try to consume less sugar cos sugar will darken our acne scarring. It's so ironic that when we apply sweet stuff on our face it will calm and reduce redness ... but when we eat it, it will darken our scars/spot/marks!!!!!!

A quick tip on calming a redness spot on our face before makeup.... "eye drop"!  It work on me! lolx

A weird tip on fading old acne marks/scars
Using scotch tape to fade acne marks (I learn this tip from Vivawoman!).. On clean face, put a tape on the acne mark and peel the tape off. Apparently.. the tape help to remove the top layer off the skin and with that gone... the scars heal more faster.  I tried doing it 1 or 2 days.. but I keep forgetting it... I should start doing it again tomorrow and see if it really works! lolx (No harm trying right... it doesn't cost me more then SD$0.50 to get a roll of tape!)

Price SD$29.90
Available at Watsons Singapore

Have any weird tips to share?!?!?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

LOTD: A soft and simple look!

Purple is a popular eye's color to do this season... and I saw alot of LOTDs base on purple!!
I can't rock purple really well unless it's a cool tone purple(which have a blue/grey under tone) ...
Well.. for this LOTD, I'm using a light shimmering lavender eyeshadows and line with dark olive green.
A very easy and simple look ^__^

Products use on my face
ZA True White Day
Protector sunscreen SPF26-PA++
RMK Creamy base in 00(clear base) SPF11-PA++ (On T-zone, cheeks and chin)
Benefit Boi~ing concealer (For my undereye's dark circles)
EDM light Almond intensive base foundation
MAC mineralize skinfinish Natural in Light (To set face)
LA Girl Blush in Subtle

On my eyes
as base
Maquillage Forming shiny eyes in 51 Use the lavender shade all over lids up to the crease and blend upwards
Bourjois clubbing black liner  to line my upper lashes line and the outer 1/2 of my lower lash line
Then smudge the black liner with the Maquillage Forming shiny eyes 51- olive green.
Use the lavender shade for inner corner and inner lower lash line
Line water line with Bourjois clubbing black liner.

On my lashes

Majolica Majorca Lash Bone primer
CoverGirl last blast mascara

Just now when I'm painting my eyes.... the maquillage eyeshadow pot dropped on the floor =(
I lost half of the lavender shades... I pressed back the rest of the loose lavender into the pan!!
The eyeshadows was really really soft and moist(?)
I just use my clean finger to press it back and it stay ^__^ (No need to use alcohol at all!)


Comparing LA girl Subtle with Barry M Terracotta blush

Barry M's Terracotta is more pinky nude and darker then LA Girl's Subtle

LA Girl's Subtle is more brownish nude and it's alittle bit powdery compare to Barry M but very pigmented!
Both are matte blushes
Swatches(With flash)
(My white balance was abit too red! lolx)

Without Flash

I remember seeing Sara(Check out more from her) blogged about LA girl's blushes before..
I like the blushes... I might getting more... NO?

Haul: Fancl Mild Cleansing oil + L'oreal renewal Lash serum + LA Girl Blush

Today my younger sis ask me to accompany her to MAC to get Blot powder (She hit pan with her blot powder!)... so when I was looking around thinking which cleansing oil to get... I decided to give FANCL a try. (Price SD$33) 

By letting the BA to do a little demo on their cleansing oil...
I got a free 20ml cleansing oil! And LE cleansing oil included a 13g cleansing powder.
(Good now I got to try the cleansing powder Diana raved about!)

FANCL service was really Good.... and very friendly too!
I also got the Loreal Lash Serum at John Little (No discount for new product) that Kas mentioned in her blog ^__^ 

I bought a LA Girl Blush SD$15.00(before 15%+20% discount from John little)

LA Girl Subtle Blush

Monday, January 25, 2010

FANCL cleansing oil anyone?!?

Recently received the email from Fancl about this promotion!! 

FANCL mild cleansing oil... it's pink! (I believe it the same as the blue bottle one, No?) I find that with the same price you got a free facial washing powder(13g) and a mild cleansing oil cinderella(20ml)... worth it? YES? NO??  I just ran out of cleansing oil (I might give this a try!)

So far I only heard Sophia mention that she tried this before... anyone else tried it before????

Sunday, January 24, 2010

LOTD - A simple face!

It's a super simple LOTD without any eyeshadows.
And I took these pics without flash!!! It's normal day light thru my living room windows


I tried on the Majolica Majorca Lash Bone primer and I'm really loving it <3<3<3
(I used flash on the close up lashes' pic)

Products use on my face
ZA True White Day Protector sunscreen SPF26-PA++
RMK Creamy base in 00(clear base) SPF11-PA++ (On T-zone, cheeks and chin)
MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC20 (SPF 35) For my undereye's dark circles
EDM light Almond intensive base foundation
MAC mineralize skinfinish Natural in Light (To set face)
Barry M blush in Terracotta

On my lashes
Majolica Majorca Lash Bone primer
CoverGirl last blast mascara

I didn't fill in my brows... as I think it's already dark enough for my bare eyes.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Contest + Giveaways

I'm opening this contest + Giveaways to thanks all my lovely followers!!! I'm giving away 5 prizes
3 winners for contest and 2 random giveaways.

For the contest... create a look with GOLD in it!! Gold eyeliners, gold eyebrows, gold smokey eyes and ects... the main color is GOLD!
Post the look on your blog and link the entry back to this entry.
Drop me a comment, PM, email me your URL with your look...
If you don't have a blog, you can email me your pics
There will be 3 winners for this contest.

As for the Giveaways.. just comment below...Tell me what you would love to see more in the future or on why you love reading my blog ^__^
(Well.. if you do not know what to say.. just give me a shoutout will do, lolx)
2 winners for this. Winner will be randomly pick.
I ship anywhere ^_^
Closing date 24 Feb 2010Extended to 5 MARCH 2010
This contest + giveaways is for followers only ^__^

Friday, January 22, 2010

Wedding and Travel comes with a Free IZU Nail Polish or Lip Stick (Worth $26)

I saw this GWP at Kinokuniya (I didn't get it)...  I was telling Kas about it during the meet up on Thursday and I can't remember the brand of the freebies(My memories was getting more and more worse! lolx) So, I google around and found it ^__^

Do let me know how's the lipstick and nail polish was like if anyone of you is getting it!!
(it didn't indicate the shades on the box... so I guess all shades were given out randomly)

IZU website

Makeup Shopping with the beauties <3

Today Yesterday (cos it's 1am now! lolx) meet up with 7 of the girls for a semi makeup shopping/dinner outing.

To be frankly, I didn't knew who I will be meeting, except Amy, Sophia, Kas, Diana and Clara...  and I'm happy to see Joyce and Wirda

Anyway.. I was there early, nobody reach yet.... after awhile Amy and Sophia sms me saying there going to check out RMK at Isetan scotts.. so I walk over! And there's an episode of Sophia forgot her cash's purse (check out her blog for her version).

At RMK... we(Amy, Kas, Sophia and me) were swatching the eyeshadows and bases and once again, Kas's hand was like a disco ball.. full of colors and glitters!!! lolx

Went over to Tang, cos Sophia wanna get the Shu Uemura lashes.... Then off to Sephora to meet up with the rest of them. Have dinner at B4 foodcourt...  chit chatting for awhiile before we all head over to Muji, for some snack (Kas keep promoting the peanut chocolate!) lolx... then we stalk Watson and I bought a Majolica Majorca Lash Bone (it's a mascara base). After that we all went to Sephora again and we have tons of fun over there... taking pics, trying out products and swatches almost everythings we see... lolx 

OK.. enough of saying... here's the pics ^___^

OMY... lolx at Diana!
Ok... Clara won the fair skin award!!!! (No prize! lolx)

A pic of Kas.. where I help her find her best angle...
To Kas::  you should give contact lens a third chance!!
Your glasses was blocking your beautiful eye's makeup!

Sadly I didn't took any pics with Wirda... where is she!! I didn't see her around when I'm walking around taking pics!!!!

This is a fun evening.. like Sophia said, it's like shopping with Bffs which I never know I have ... it's doesn't feel awkward at all ^__^ I can't wait for the next meet up!!!!!

I'm saying this too!!!
Long lasting friendship everyone ^__^

 Ok ya... here's the pic of the mascara base I got at Watson
SD$24.50 (before 20% off)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One item haul!

Guess what I got today?

It's RMK makeup base SD$58 that Sophia raved about!!!! I was walking around Taka today and I saw the RMK counter... so I walk over and start checking it out! The BA said that for my skintone.. 00 shade is good enough for me.. (Shade 00 is a clear base)

The BA gave me 2 samples... creamy foundation and Control color in N01 (a pink base) he say it will brighten up the eye area.

I did tried the 01 shade at the back of my hand, it's didn't look as nice as 00 shade on my skin... . I love the texture (it's very similar to sana silicone makeup base).. very smooth and it even out the redness patches that I have at the back of my hand!!!! Nice, can't wait to try it out tomorrow ^__^

Haul: ELF and MAC

I received this in the mail today!!! (The ebay seller sent out on Monday and I received it today(Tues) Great seller!!!!)
I got the Complexion Perfection and Eye Transformer (SD$9.50 each including local normal postage) 
(I'll update the link for the ebay seller later on... I'm lazy to locate it now... lolx)

I knew about the Eye Transformer palette thru Diana (But I can't find it anywhere.. ) and when I read about it again thru kas swatches entry on Sat... I have to have it!!!  So I ask the ebay seller whether she have it anot!! ^___^

Today(Tues) My GF ask me to accompany her to check out MAC... and I got 2 item!!!
MAC studio finish concealer in NC20(SD$27) and a Clear Brow set(SD$25)

I can't wait to try everythings I got today! lolx

I'm going to do a giveaway contest soon, Yes?!? No?!?!  
I can't believe that I already have 99 pretty babes following my blog!!!!!!