Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Review: SkinFood Black Sugar Scrub Foam

Wet with abit of water.. You can see the sugar
Spread out
After rubbing it with more water, it become so foamy and it feel so good on my skin
I have been using this for about 3 weeks (more than 10 times... and I'm loving it!!)
The smell was so refreshing and it make my skin feel soft, supple and calm.
It smell like when when you just opened a coke, the refreshing cooling and sweet coke scent.
And sugar are such a good good ingredients for acne or sensitive skin ... cos the sweetness can calm our skin so well!!!
(I taste the scrub... no la, I didn't eat the scrub.... just likely use my tongue to taste the paste... to see whether it's really sweet)

I love the scrub cos it's not miro beads or nut shells (less harsh on skin)... it the sugar coarse. (The sugar will dissolved)
I do intense facial scrub to remove dead skin cells once a week and a mild one in between.(Both using the same scrub)

This scrub have climb up to the top of my fave scrub list... now Clinique 7 days scrub have drop the number 1 spot to number 2!
(I will repurchase this products until another wonderful scrub pop by! Hee hee)

For intense:: (Once a week)
After washing my face with my cleanser, while face still wet... I applied the scrub all over the areas which need more intense scrubbing(like nose, cheeks, chin and forehead)... then slowing and lightly rub the areas until it become foamy and then spread the rest of the foam to the rest of my face and then rinse off.

For mild:: (3-4times a week)
After washing my face with cleanser, I rub the scrub on my wet palms until it become foamy and do not feel any coarse sugars... I then appplied the foam on my face. The foam was very smoothing and it's mild enough to disperse dead skin cells without harsh coarse rubbing against our skin to course and further damage on our skin or enlarging our pores. (especially acne prone skin)

As alot of you knew that too much harsh scrubbing will cos skin to become more fragile and sensitive. At the same time, more harsh scrubbing means your are slowly enlarging your pores.

So for those who have sensitive skin, dry skin or acne-prone skin... I would say go for the mild scrubbing or use a exfolianting lotion. (You don't want to angry those acnes by rubbing it with a coarse scrub)

Available at SkinFood outlets
Price: SD$35