Tuesday, December 15, 2009

(Review) DR Age Spot Serum

The texture of the serum was kinda watery and it dry up very fast. 

After using this for about 2 weeks... I have tons of spots on my face :( It's not those pimples type!! It's huge, oily and painfu type of bumps!

I applied this on my cheeks, chin and around my nose(mostly on areas that have abit of redness and spot scars.)

The texture of the serum wasn't oily at all, which surprises me when I start to have oily bumps around the areas I applied!

I guess it's too strong for my skin, I think I will love this if it didn't break me up..  because, I felt that the areas where I applied on feel really moist and smooth.

I'm using this on my legs, have been using it for afew days already.. so far so good!

This would be more suitable for mature skin (age 40 and above) or dry skin (It's too concentrated for normal to oily skin)

My mum also using this... she didn't have any problems on breaking out but at the same time no huge improvement on lightening her pigmentation yet.

Price :SD$24.90 
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