Saturday, December 12, 2009

(Review) The Balm Time balm concealer


As you can recalled from my haul entry..  I wrote that the BA told me this concealer can fade scars/red spot/pigmentation and it is also breathable that we can wear this concealer to sleep and let it work thru your skin overnight. (work more like a treatment concealer)

Well I was confuse with the word "anticernes" (I thought this means anti wrinkle for under eye areas), so I searched for their offical website and I was right!!!!  


The concealer was creamy but not those very thick creamy, it's just very moist 

swatches done with different distance with flash(hence the color different)

Recently have a tiny pimple on the back of my left hand, but it dried up already. Now I'm waiting for the scar to fade!

Left: pimple scars(it abit more red then the pic.. refer to the swatches.. can spot like scar there!)
Right: cover with time balm concealer

(My camera have a hard time focus! So I have to try different distance and angle.. hence the color different) 

As a under eye concealer(even thought it is much creamy then the benefit boi~ing concealer)::
I find that it was too dry for my under eyes! I can see the concealer trap into my fine lines... it's a no no for me =(  So after using it for 3 to 4 times, I switch back to my benefit.

As a normal blemish concealer::
It have medium coverage and it doesn't look thick or cakey.

It can cover redness very well(especially the areas around nose and chin).. but not much on blemish, scars or pigmentation.

Treatment wise:: 
I didn't use it overnight... I just don't like the feel of wearing something that have color that will stain my pillow when I sleep! (I prefer clean and smooth face when I'm about to sleep)

I didn't see any major inprovement on lightening my acnes scars or pigmentation (well.. I use alot of products, so I can't really tell whether this work or not!)
And the BA told me that I need at least 2 months(using the concealer everyday day and night) to see improvement.

I didn't have any breakout when I'm using this products, so it's not really oily (I have combination skin) which is good!
To sum up...
Using it as a normal concealer - have good coverage for redness, medium coverage for blemish/pigmentation/scars and very dry as under eye's concealer.

Edited on 14-12-2009 (I forgot to mention this before)The tiny sponge which included with the concealer...  at first, I thought it kinda weird to included a sponge for a concealer, they should include a mini concealer brush instead!(lolx) But then I realised that the use of the sponge was actually pretty handy and good for this concealer!

Well, since time balm is good at covering mild redness(natural blush/red rashes)... I find that using the sponge lightly dap/blended out all over the face and it does balance out my skin tone abit!

The Balm's Time balm concealer.anticernes 
Price:: SD$29.90 (7.5g POISD NET WT 0.26OZ)
Available exclusively at Sasa outlets in Singapore