Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Review: Acne Clear

I have been using this for 4days (once each day) ...  so far so good.. no sign of peeling or redness(well, my acnes already red so I don't really see any darker or worse, lolx)

I have a huge oily and painful acne on my forehead... and the next day, I notice the acne dries up abit and I don't feel any pain any more... On the 3rd and 4th days... the lump was gone.. I feel nothing when I'm touching that area... BUT, I still can see the red spot there!

So, this doesn't fade spot/scars... but it does work well for drying up painful and oily acne!! I'm impressed! 

Much much better then almost all the pimple gels I've ever tried!!! I think it's the Sulphur that does the drying up!

It have a strong scent.. but I'm ok with it and don't be scared by the beige color liquid... it didn't have much color payoff on your skin.. just lightly lighten you red acne, which is ok for me! lolx

Well... it worth the trying and it was so cheap SD$5.95 for 100ml and you really don't need to use alot!
We bought Acne Clear at Watson.

Thanks to my little sister... she found somethings that was quite good and cheap!! Cos for me, I don't think I will ever pick this up!

After a month of having this (I did not use it all the time, what I'm trying to say was - after the cap being open and the liquid get in touch with the air)... it kinda loss it efficiency of healing!
I guess it was cheap and the fresher the product the better it works!