Sunday, December 06, 2009

LOTD: Daily brown

Went to Orchard yesterday with a simple brown with thick eyeliners.

 I use VOV palette for this look
Check out the swatches here!


Products I used::

(ON my face:)
EDM foundation in light Almond mix abit of EDM mint concealer
Benefit boi~ing concealer in 01 for undereyes
The Balm concealer on red areas around my nose and cheeks
DIY Silica loose powder
(I didn't put on blushes! )

(On my eyes:)

(On Eyes)
MAC Painterly paintpot as base
VOV the bottem row 2nd to the right (the brown) all over my lids and blend it out
(darken abit towards the lash lines)
VOV the botterm row last one to the right (Black) on the outer corner
MAC Brule to soften the hash line and up to brow...
MAC Crystal Avalanche for highlight
MAC brow shader
MAC fluidline as liner, use the VOV brown(same as the lid color) to set the blk liners and to soften the blk abit.
Fasio waterproof mascara.

I like the VOV palette.. the shadows are soft and very easy to blend.. but it does creases abit on my double eyelid folds after 5hrs(blame it on the deep folds!!!!)but it can be easy blended off using my clean finger! hee hee


I'm trying to smile with my eyes... hahahah.. but I look so weird~ lolx

My eyebrows are so messy.. after reading alot about browset from sophia and cocomotion.. I kinda feel like trying one from MAC/Sephora.... so that the color I filled into my brows will set! (I always so lazy to filled/color/draw my eyebrows... but I kinda notice it become so messy now! lolx)

The other day, I mention to Sophia that I found a pretty fireworks pic.. and was thinking about creating a look base on it.. and let you all do the same things.. it would be fun right? Yes? No?

I going to try creating it tonight or tomorrow.. then we all can start doing it as a "Tag"?  Fun???