Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Party at VIVO

A huge Thanks to Diana for organising the party!!! I have alot of fun, meeting everyone and seriously my cheeks were aching from all the smiling(when we took pics). And we got to knew Clara: dblchin, she is so cute >.<~

When I just reached VIVO, Amy and Kas make me feel so welcome. they both have alot of topic to chat about... so cute! Jasmine (we both keep feeling shy together during the first few mins.. so cute la!) and Roseanne, her face was so small!! Very Very pretty. And OMY Maddy look so tiny! Everyone just look so gorgeous...

Sophia and Sara they're so cute can... cuter then I imagine, lolx
And of-course Diana!! She look like she just jump out from her YT videos... so bubbly!! Make everyone feel so welcome. 

This is a huge group.. I didn't got the chance to take pics with some of them before they left =( And like Sophia mention in her blog, the day ended so fast!!!! 

Shopping with them were even more fun! No need to explain about each products we see... they all knew!  If anyone of them was on makeup ban... and it lightly gonna break it! Cos we are no help at stopping you from getting it! hahahahaa And we won't get those impatience look when we slowly checking out each products... lolx

Xmas gift swap
I got Sophia pressies and she got mine! (What a coincident!)

Check out the rest at my facebook


3 Barry M blushes from Amy Spree (I still haven't swatch it... I will add all the swatches later on)
Maybelline Angelfit base and Loreal Black liquid liner (From Sophia giveaway contest)
MAC pigments from Kas and she so lovely by adding afew samples for me ^__^
Purple glitters from Eka (A surprise xmas gift) She's so sweet to give everyone alittle pressie
I bought a Makeup store eyeshadow in Monty (S$26)
Lush Superstar soap from Sophia Xmas swap (The smell was so nice~)

I never use any Lush product before(even though I read and watched alot of the Lush hauling)... but I never really know how they use it... so the soap is for body? face? Hand? Hair?  Or for overall????

I hardly use any soap since I was 12... now I need to get a soap tray so that it can keep the soap dry and free from bacterial infection.
Cant wait to start using it... I means when I know what it for first... lolx =P (The packaging didn't say anything)
As for now, I keep the soap in my tissue drawer, so that my tissue will smell like "superstar" ^___^

Ok, Let see whether I remember the name of those who came...
Diana, Sophia, Sara, Sarah, Amy, Kas, Jasmine, Roseanne, Maddy, Joyce, Reyenal(Eka), Clara(dblchin), Fati(she's my game partner), Linnera, Dyan and Jun(artycraftyart)

I'm Sorry if I left anyone out or got your name wrongly(Comment below and I will edit it ^__~)

Sarah was  so sweet that she gave us all a Discount vouchers for makeover, check out her website, she's a very talented makeup artist!
Thanks you Sarah ^__^

Anyone want the full size Which is 3648 X 2736 (10mp) or you prefer to resize down to about 2mp?
I will upload to mediafire(easy to DL) with password lock.
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