Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Haul: tiny one! MAC, Biotherm, fasio and ects

This is a collective haul entry... (A tiny one.. cos I only got like 6 item)... 
It gonna be my last makeup hauling post for this year (I hope I can do it.. I start banning myself from buying color makeup for the rest of this year... But before my ban.. I promise myself to get a black base(I hate using eyeliner/stick crayon and ects.. I felt that it was pulling my eye lids when I'm blending it!! -_-" ) and a new waterproof mascara (Yes, going to throw away my old ones.. and for those recently bought mascaras.. I don't really likey!)


On Sunday... I stock up my facial stuff (Biotherm)
Biopur SOS Normalizer Mousse Cleanser(SD$50) and Lotion exfoliante(SD$48) (For anti-imperfections skin)

My cleanser and toner always last a month, but my moisturizer can last 2 months...
How long does your daily facial stuff last???

~Biore cleansing oil(SD$15.90)  this is good!! Can remove stubbon waterproof mascara
But I still prefer Point Rice cleansing oil(SD$29) sad thing was that not everywhere sell this!
~Fasio Mascara(latest version) SD$22.90
~MAC paintpot in Blackground (SD$33)

Finally I have been wanting a black base for so long..
I have been thinking whether to get MAC paintpot, benefit creaseless cream or Kryolan
I end up getting MAC paintpot! (Cos I paintpot never fail me! lolx) 

I ordered the buffer brush(SD$12.90+ SD$0.80postage) from magical tannsu

It feel abit pokey when I tap this baby on the back of my hand =(  and it shed (Before, during deep washing and after!!!) The bristles was short and dense, when I swirl the brush... it does feel soft. (I still prefer my EDM flat top brush) OK... here's some pics, comparing the edm flat top and this natural hair flat top brush.

L to R: magical tannsu flat top and EDM Flat top brush

L to R: EDM flat top VS magical tannsu flat top

That's all... and I'm on makeup ban now till the end of this year!! Then I go crazy on Jan 2010! lolx